Who Ate the Popcorn?: 16/31 SOLC

That would be me!

I had great plans for my night of babysitting with Tuvia.  We brought our own ingredients for a night of fun: DVD’s for kids and freshments.  Who doesn’t like popcorn?

Surprise! No thanks to the popcorn and movies, thumbs down on Mega Minds and  as Marley and Me was ending we were all on the couch, not that Tuvia and I were thrilled with that one, but who doesn’t love a dog, especially as it gets old.

But my decision to leave my iPad home, was not received well. I have succeeded in creating a gamer who is resourceful. In minutes 6-year-old Mihael got over his disappointment and grabbed up the extra iPhone and had me playing Plants and Zombies on the smaller screen.

I guess that’s an issue for his parents.

Mia was more about sharing projects and plans with us until she had a bit of a melt down just before her parents returned home from a welcome movie night without kids.


My mantra: Flexible… flexible…

It was still a blast!


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16 thoughts on “Who Ate the Popcorn?: 16/31 SOLC

  1. I love it. My grandkids love my ipod touch and it’s the first thing they ask to play with when they see me. The Disney app is a favorite. My son just laughs because he doesn’t even know how to get it started.

    Sometimes, I just have to let the battery die

  2. Ahh..they know how to revive dead batteries. Nothing holds this boy back 🙂

  3. You never know what to expect with kids! Just when you think you have it under control, they throw that curve ball. Sounds like it was a fun night, in spite of the no thanks to popcorn, seriously?

  4. I wouldn’t be able to pass up popcorn. Kids are keeping up with the changes and we all want to go back just a bit in time…

  5. Heather

    Cute story. I must confess, I don’t like popcorn unless it’s smothered in cheese. Then I’m all hands in! Kids are becoming tech savvy sooner than we would like them to. It’s an every day occurrence for a young child to be schooling their parent in the art of some technological skill. Thanks for sharing this moment!

  6. Elizabeth E.

    No popcorn? Ack!!
    When we dived into to iPhone 4, we kept our iPhone 3s and now the grandchildren always ask to play Angry Birds. The beauty of lending the old cell phones (now not-a-phone) is that we don’t worry about them so much.

    Amazing how digitally wired these little tykes are!

    Fun post. We’re living the toddler/grandkid routine over here this week. You know, it’s amazing that my daughter gets anything done at all!

  7. Thank goodness for flexible sitters like you and Tuvia. Parents of the world rejoice! Who needs popcorn!

  8. Lisa

    Sounds like a lovely night! I used to love to go to my Grandma’s to take cre of her when my parents went out to dinner. 🙂

  9. But I see you have my favorite popcorn popper–and that always makes for some fun, movie or not.

  10. I want popcorn now and its only 7am. Thanks 🙂

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