Where Am I Now?: 17/31 SOLC

I remember taking this shot.  I was sitting on the edge of our hotel pool reading a novel on my iPad and I stopped and started playing with my camera.  Playing in Aruba. It  was almost 11:30 and people around me in the pool were way ahead of me with drinks from the bar.  The morning pool aerobics class was just beginning and even though it was hot the Aruba breezes kept us cool.

I’m home but back in Aruba that morning I remember continues…

Home in reality and happy to have this photo that can take me back.  Home though demands that I reject the 11:30 mudslide for a new digital project, monthly bills to pay, exercise at the gym and worry about the world.  I never stopped worrying about world in Aruba or about my fellow teachers working in their classrooms, trying to teaching in this nightmare but it was easier from the edge of the pool as my vantage point.

As I look out my window, I see green and sunshine and on this St. Patricks Day my Dad  turns 90. How about that?  Big party on Sunday!

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15 thoughts on “Where Am I Now?: 17/31 SOLC

  1. Have fun at the party on Sunday. If only we could ‘keep’ them forever…..my mom turned 80 last August. Mimi

  2. Ahhh, Bonnie, I enjoy the way you connect the memory from Aruba to today. Happy Birthday to you Dad. What a milestone!

  3. Your pictures are so good! You inspire me to look through the lens in a new way. I like how your picture put you back in Aruba with the sights, sounds, and smells around you. I am looking forward to escaping the world for a short time.

  4. Great shot of the toes.

  5. Today is also my mother’s birthday 🙂 She turns 61 today. It is a great day for parental birthdays, is it not?

  6. Lisa

    This is one of the things I love about digital photography: the photo is there, instantly, and in full colour and so easily accessible. I look at my photos and relive the moment all the time when I am on the computer. I have a picture of my feet on the beach in New Jersey for the days when I am home sick.

  7. Happy birthday Bonnie’s dad…and great shot of happy, sunwarmed, toes!

  8. Christy

    Your picture takes me away, too! I love the line about the moment in Aruba continuing as you continue with your life at home. It reflects the way I envision memories working.

  9. Ah, my feet can feel the water. 90 hunh, wow that is great, I’ll bet you get some more great photos.

  10. How fun! I, too, felt that working from the vantage point of my Jamaican vacation made everything seem more manageable! I’m glad you’re keeping Aruba with you even as you pass up that mudslide and take care of all the tasks of your day!

    And happy birthday to your dad! Have a great time at the party this weekend!

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