Family Bonds: 18/31

We spend many Friday nights in Hoboken for Shabbat dinner with Tuvia’s son, wife and kids since they’ve been here from Israel.

Mihael 6, his sister Mia, 4. Both were born in Israel and up until August, they knew just a bit of English and lived most days in Tel Aviv.

Since the summer they have been here  learning English and getting to know us. Sure they knew us. We were there for their births but a few weeks each year was just not enough of a bond. So  Ami and Adi moved here for a few years so they could really learn English and get comfortable with us and life here.

Tuvia is bonding with Mihael and now that they are learning English…WE  are bonding.  They can’t wait for me to learn enough Hebrew, that’s for sure.

So tonight we eat together and play Plants and Zombies on my iPad.


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8 thoughts on “Family Bonds: 18/31

  1. MaryHelen

    How precious. Love that you are bonding, growing comfortable and learning. It’s exciting to know that you will have more family bonding in the future. Recently, I have realized how important different people have connected, bonded, with our youngest son. Those special people help him to feel loved and worthy, not because he’s related, just accepted.

  2. Ah … what a sweet thing it is to have many generations embracing the experience of being together, sharing love and planning life! Tuvia’s outstretched arms, glorious smile and the way Mihael is folded into his grandpa’s arms is so lovely!

  3. It’s a marvelous, happy photo. The backstory is good, too, & lovely to hear that family is working hard to be close to family.

  4. Elizabeth E.

    You know, Bonnie, that the picture today is so captivating that you could have written blah blah blah and we’d all still be entranced with expressions on these two people’s faces–people that you love and who love you. Add that to the lovely description of the events that have transpired and you have a stellar post. Just wonderful. As my grandchildren finish up their visit here, I hope they remember me and carry those memories in their little hearts. This is the only legacy worth anything, I think. Better than riches, belongings, furniture–just those memories.

    Thanks for a lovely post (and thanks for your encouraging comments on my posts!)

    • Thank you Elizabeth. The last few days have been so great for me to be back in my morning Slicer routine of writing, posting and then reading and commenting. I’ve been missing that. Great to be reading you each morning and as we move into the last half of the month…I’m getting sad.

  5. The picture speaks so eloquently! Your words flowed and I felt like a mouse with a front row seat on a very precious scene.

  6. What a fabulous picture and what a lovely slice! Tuvia looks as adorable as ever and Michael is totally precious. I met my friend’s nephew when he was 3 and newly arrived from Israel. He kept talking to me and looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to respond, and I would have nothing. His mom finally noticed one of our one-sided exchanges and laughed, told me not to worry. “He’s mostly speaking baby gibberish,” she said. “I can’t understand him most of the time, either!” I’m glad you, Michael and Mia are able to talk to each other more now!

  7. Thanks Slicers. It’s all good finally!

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