A Snowy Guitar Monday:#21/31 SOLC

If it’s Monday at my place, it’s guitar time and snow? Another snow?

YES! It’s now officially Spring and snow falling out there to remind us that


So the green grass is being covered once again by a blanket of white…SNOW!

Could this one be the last one for the season?

And will I get my lesson this morning?  Will Jon take this one on? Should I get my fingers get my fingers ready for a lesson for guitar Monday?

Ah, the issues of the day…

Are you dealing with this last snow?



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13 thoughts on “A Snowy Guitar Monday:#21/31 SOLC

  1. No snow here–but there is a chance for “snow showers” on Wednesday. What the heck is a “snow shower” anyway?

    • Deb,
      Snow, enough! A shower today was beautiful and just a bit of a delay to my lesson. No biggie but it is time for SPRING!

  2. Snow. I remember living in northern New York State and having 6 months of the white/gray stuff. I now live in Mexico and have not seen, shoveled, smelled, felt, frozen in or dealt wtih snow in 15 years.

    What I do remember is the specialness that spring has because it has been so late in coming…it is so welcome. I remember also the crisp freshness of falling snow.

    Hang on. You will appreciate spring all the more when it comes. Meanwhile, bundle up, go outside and smell the freshness of new falling snow. It may be your last for a while.

  3. grade4wizard

    The spring has only teased us with dripping icicles and tiny patches of clean sidewalk. I wake up in the morning and there was another layer of snow on my car. I have never seen snow in June. It will eventually melt.

  4. Playing guitar in your cozy home wihile the snow gently falls outside… sounds sweet to this Georgia girl!

  5. the other ruth

    Love the picture–sorry about the snow. We were treated to sunshine and warm temps today, but I heard that the white stuff may return later in the week. Sigh…

  6. no really?

  7. Bonnie,

    I feel your angst in this slice, but also some hope. Let’s hope that our brown landscape turns grassy green instead of snowy white! We have some flakes in our forecast this week in western NY. UGH! Enough! ~Theresa

  8. It is time for the snow to go away – hope that is the last of it.

    • More is supposed to come tonight into tomorrow and I’m supposed to travel early in the morning, up north. UGH!

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