HVWP at 11: 22/31 SOLC

I’ll be spending  hours today with Mary and Tom as we plan together for upcoming events at the Hudson Valley Writing Project.

I know, I know,  I just wrote a slice about the end of National Writing Project,  but we have been a site for 11 years and we don’t want our work to go up in smoke.  After all, we are not really a trio.  We share our writing project with many great teachers from 10 summers of SIs.

We have grown the HVWP over time, moving beyond the temporary communities created during a traditional  course.

I remember how I felt when Mary and Tom, SUNY professors in the education department, invited me to join them in this adventure when I was still teaching full time at Pearl River High School. I didn’t know it then but when I did start thinking about retiring I would have great challenges ahead and it all began when I said yes and got my car accustomed to speeding up the Thurway.

And now as we consider our next steps with the prospect of losing our federal funding,  Tom and Mary and Jackie are open to the challenges ahead. So I’m with them,  more than happy to spend today  inside, in a small SUNY  New Paltz conference room planning for upcoming events and interviewing a new group of great teachers for an 11th HVWP Summer Institute.


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3 thoughts on “HVWP at 11: 22/31 SOLC

  1. What a wonderful feeling it is, to look back at the good work one has done together with like spirited colleagues – learning and growing and planning further pursuits…I hope your day in New Paltz was every bit as productive as past meetings!

  2. A tried and true trooper, getting up, dusting off and figuring out a new way to go up, around and through. You are an example for us all – especially in light of all that’s out there in the dark.

  3. Elizabeth E.

    Gosh–I don’t know what to say. All these funding cuts make me sad and crazy–the inmates seem to be running the institution up there in Congress!

    I like that you express your hope that HVWP will continue and grow and flourish in spite of difficult times. I think that is one reason why I love reading your blog–it’s imbued with hope and all that is good.

    Carry on, Bonnie!

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