Pressure: 23/31

I just can’t bear to grab my camera out for its case to capture a new fresh from what I see from any of my apartment windows.  It’s beautiful out there but I am so done and over with SNOW! So I clicked around my iPhoto library and found this one; one of many in this series.

During a photo weekend at PEEC preserve in the Delaware Water Gap, I moved to macro, me, a macro lens on my Nikon D60,  propped on a tripod.  I remember that morning as I sit here on my couch.  We were a group of photographers/students. The weekend workshop was led by the son of a great friend.  I’ve known Ray since he was 6 and now he’s teaching me photography and he’s great at it.

I am remembering the sound of the water rushing down the falls.  I’m remembering just how amazed I was to see this shot in my viewfinder amazed that I caught what I could see.  Maybe I have something to do with this but wow, I have to give it up once again to the technological advances.


Are we done with snow?  I want the spring green in this photo?

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12 thoughts on “Pressure: 23/31

  1. Lisa

    I love this photo. I also love that you are always learning new things! It seems every few months I find out about a new workshop, course or series of lessons you are taking. MY grandma always wanted to learn to play the piano, so when she retired she bought a piano and started lessons. You have reminded me of the importance of always trying new things.

  2. the other ruth

    I’m so glad you searched for an alternate to snow. I’m sick of the white stuff too. 🙂
    It’s fun to read about what you’re up to and not only your current learning, but your memories/reflections on past learning too.

  3. Powerful photo. Seeing through a lens allows us to focus straight ahead and block our peripheral. It is like a small moment when writing.

    • It was an amazing day to relive when I hover over this photo. 🙂
      THanks so much for checking it out, Wanda,

  4. Bonnie,

    My 4 y/o is sitting with me while I’m reading Slices tonight. We got to your picture, and she started screaming: “Mommy, mommy….can we go there? I won’t be scared. I won’t cry. Pleeeeese!!”

    Haha…she’s funny. But your picture just begs for a trip down the rapids!


  5. lynnjake

    Such a beautiful shot. It just says summer and warm sunshine. I’m sick of winter too, as the wind blows and the rain falls, and the river has long since left its banks. I’ll just think of your warm and sunny water day and remember that it’ll return soon. I hope.

    • I can’t wait until I can take another photo workshop and more connection to my camera.
      Are you watching AI yet? Too early?

  6. We are supposed to get snow this week. I can’t bear it!

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