Watching Idol in a Marriot: 30/31

It’s American Idol and Christine and I traveled to DC today to be ready for our adventures tomorrow meeting with Congressional aides, championing the National Writing Project at a time when everyone is talking about cutting.

Christine drove us with great speed and even though we slowed up as we started navigating through the local streets that led us to our Marriot, we were racing to get settled in with some dinner and then pj party and an evening with the Idols.

We only missed the first one…who was that?

We are relaxing, watching Elton John tunes and getting ready for the race through  the Capitol office buildings  starting at 7:30 AM…

and Tomorrow- last SLICE…


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One thought on “Watching Idol in a Marriot: 30/31

  1. Christy

    Scotty McCreery was first. (I have a student who is a dead ringer for that kid) He was fabulous and the judges said they felt like they were at one of his concerts, he is already so seasoned, and he is natural on the stage. He gave a shout out to his granny, too. Um, I just realized you might not have seriously been asking. That might have been rhetorical. Oops.

    Anyway, nice to know you are living a balanced life of escape into Idol balanced with the very important work of letting your voice be heard!

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