Yearning:#poemaday 3


I am so tried of  yearing for season change.

Writing about it in Slice, after March Slice of Life,

as sunshine just can’t sustain a legitimate roll when

winter throws another snowball to dash our Spring hopes.

But it is April.

It is April and this afternoon

the porch will return to its warm-weather style.

We dare you, Mother Nature, to drop more white!

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4 thoughts on “Yearning:#poemaday 3

  1. Love the photo that already moves past yearning, past pre-dawn, past sepia, into sun-yellow and the new green stretch out of the cold earth. Does that most recent snowball dash or dash-along?

  2. GOOD MORNING TO YOU!!!! Great making sure we had time together on Friday. Would you believe there was an hour delay? Evidently, that happens on afternoon returns out of DC.
    But home and waiting for spring…

    Good question… dash…dash-along… I could reopen this draft but I’m off to meet an online buddy for coffee just down the road and then home to prepare the porch for spring!!!!

  3. Bonnie, I hope you’re right. This Buffalonian cannot stand one more week of winter. From the looks of it, we might actually average 40 degrees this week.

    • More cold is coming but please, NO MORE SNOW! I am leaving for Israel in a week, That should help. 🙂

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