Frozen: PAD 8/30


A simple walk along a familiar beach,
Heading for a meal of humus and pita,
A week of over-booked days


In the midst of preening and packing
He calls to share a medical observation
About his own body
That puts all plans on hold
And takes us from our homes
To a hospital.

I leave my world
And enter a place where I
Stumble in inarticulate phrases.

He is in a single bed
I sit next to him on a chair
We share the TV speaker
To keep up with the world.

We ride a rollercoaster
I hold my breath from test to test
As his doctors are still trouble shooting

But he is a rock star on his turf,
And these hand-picked doctors treat him gingerly
Sharing stories about what they owe him.

For now, we will not be walking at the sea,
But just to be home with a clean bill,
Afterall, if you have your health,
You have everything.

I’m remembering how that cliché
Was lost on me.

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2 thoughts on “Frozen: PAD 8/30

  1. Oh Bonnie…I have been thinking about you and Tuvia and hoping that all was well. I am glad that your rock star is back at home resting … I am still thinking of you…

  2. Thanks Tara, not home yet. We still have the hospital to deal with. I will keep you posted 🙂

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