A New Family Member 14/30

A  New  Family  Member 14/30

Meet my new hippo.
He takes up a large chunk of bed space,
but he’s welcome,
Except of course, when Tuvia demands
He get kicked to the chair
Across the room.

He is a gift
From 6-year-old

He was living with Mihael
But out of
Unique generosity
Just before
He left with his family
For Israel
He brought me
Hippo but wondered
where he would
be living.

This documenting photo is on its way to
Israel to put Mihael’s mind to rest.

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2 thoughts on “A New Family Member 14/30

  1. I love how you always put a photo with your daily post. I need to incorporate this idea more as I love looking at pictures.

    The hippo reminds me of Abby’s from NCIS.

    • Thanks Bree, Someone else mentioned NCIS. I’m only a lover of this hippo but I will check out the site.

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