Drying Up ?: 18/30

Drying UP? 18/30

It’s Day 18 and I’m exhausted.

A poem a day with an image?

This pic is fresh,

I swear!

As we returned home yesterday,

These yellow blooms brought

Spring to me!

And the deer,

They couldn’t help

but dance us all

into the season

in style!

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10 thoughts on “Drying Up ?: 18/30

  1. A poem a day is hard, you are doing great! Very cool picture, love the words, especially the last sentence. Well done, keep going!

  2. I’m impressed with your effort–a poem and a picture a day??? I don’t know how you do it! Love the last line…

  3. You are a trooper for doing a poem a day. Poetry is not my strong suite…maybe next year I can give it a go. You are doing great. Pictures are a great way to inspire words and this one is no exception. A great way to celebrate spring!

  4. I’m doing a poem a day also for April, but not all with pictures…lots, but not all! It’s tough some days, so I can imagine always posting a picture. I like that though. “Dance us all into the season…” Love it!

  5. “Dance us alll into the season” is the best way to invision our feelings as we finally make it past the snow and into the rain!!! What a wonderful picture!! A poem a day is tough–you’re over the half way mark!!!

  6. I admire you for taking this big challenge, a poem ‘and’ the image as well. The final line is such a beautiful way to express our journey into spring.

  7. What a great challenge! I love the combination. You are helping me stay focused on all the different ways there are to continue writing in different ways. Thank you.

  8. This was such a refreshing slice to read. Both your picture and poem brought spring in during this grey drizzly school break.

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