Reseraching Loss: PAD 17/30

Researching Loss: PAD 17/30

I’m reading “A Widow’s Story: A Memoir,
Experienced and written by Joyce Carol Oates.
On my Kindle I have samples from other authors
Who have devoted time to write about their personal loss.

Last week I sat beside Tuvia
Breathing relief that we had dodged
A bullet.

But I’m thirsty to know more
From those who come before me.
I’m reading and walking with them.

Last week we missed a wedding in Cessaria
Tomorrow we will miss a funeral in Israel
A dear friend,
Who finally faded away
After a year of hard fighting.
This morning Eileen
Called to catch me up on her news of
Cancer lurking in her lungs.

Will my loss research help me
Live through my own eventual losses?

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3 thoughts on “Reseraching Loss: PAD 17/30

  1. lynnjake

    Oh Bonnie, how timely. Last night my mother passed away, and I, too am walking the path of loss. I am numb now, I think, and just trying to keep busy so I don’t stop to think much. Tuesday I leave for Mexico to be with my family. It will be after I return that I will learn how to deal with this great vacancy in my life. Sigh.

    • Lynn, I’m thinking about you today, sending you all my support…words don’t help me here… I’m thinking with you today,

  2. Bonnie – I have been trying to get back to this post. I read Joan Didion’s Year of Magical aThinking when it came out and now I am reading Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt about losing an adult daughter. I too am so curious about the grieving process as my mother heads into that tunnel of Alzheimer’s, a different kind of death and loss experience. I have come to believe that what I need to do is write about it as these other authors have done. I wish you peace in your journey.

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