I AM a digital Learner

(Kevin Hodgson’s Illuminated Poem

I Am a Digital Learner

with giants to follow,

who satisfy my need to pursue


Just this morning,

I sit drinking coffee with my left hand,

Watching the news with my right ear,

And just one click to  Dogtrax waiting in my email inbox

With a link to our iAnthonogy and

He has something thrilling to

watch and wonder about in Kevin’s Poems.

Hey, how did he do that?

How can I do that??

There’s a link to authorSTREAM..

I click… create an account…

Write this poem


I’m ready to learn




I’m gone!

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6 thoughts on “I AM a digital Learner

  1. It is amazing how many wonderful things technology has to offer. I feel like I’ve been in a cave these past few years. Kevin has opened my eyes to some amazing technological classroom tools as well. Have fun with your new tech savy poems.

  2. Hey
    Glad to be in your post-poem.

  3. Wow! Something new and out there! I guess I’m reliving the past one more time and maybe then I’ll let it go!!!!!!!!!!!

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