The Journey Home I & II: 25/30

The Journey Home I and II 25/30

A speeding train bolts out of the
BMI station and I burrow into my
double seat.
My iPad instantly connects me with
my online world,
and my cell phone allows for
regular check ins at home.

But there’s a glitch in his recovery
and talk of calling 911,
for an ambulance.
And suddenly my
bullet train
can only gallop.

I wait in 30 minutes
of phone silence
for the next
temperature check
breathing lightly.

Out in the NYC real time race
I make a gargantuan effort
to manage the weight of my bags
trying to look NYC cool.

There’s no Tuvia
waiting to grab
me up and take charge.

I join the taxi line
And even though
There are many of us,
this is New York
And we are instantly
Moving to the lined cabs.

My heaviest suitcase
is  taken from me
and effortlessly lands in the
pristine trunk
of my very own cab.

I enter the back seat
and meet my first
female driver.

She grabs up her fees book
To check for Paramus
And it’s not so expensive.

We make our way to the GW Bridge
and she trusts that I know the way,
no GPS necessary.

We ride without obstacles,
We fly along the Hudson,
We fly over the bridge
We fly on Route 4
We remember on Forrest and Oradell
to stop for the red lights
and we arrive in less than 30 minutes.

After all this independent
Indian cabbie,
Has been living in and loving New York
for 30 years and driving it for 18.
I am in good hands.

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4 thoughts on “The Journey Home I & II: 25/30

  1. Oh Bonnie, glad you are home. How is Tuvia? I’m thinking about you today as I begin my travel home.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Good to be home. 🙂 Tuvia is great. This was a urinary tract infection. Nothing connected to his hospital stay but he is taking it seriously. I’m glad about that.
      Keep me posted about you. How are you?

  2. Lisa

    First female cabbie….amazing for a long-time New Yorker!

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