Home Stretch: 26/30 SOLT

Home Stretch: 26/30

It doesn’t feel like the end of April,

definitely not the coming of May,

but tomorrow, early tomorrow,

the reality of deadlines

for Dover tech kids

will move us closer to the spring deadline

as the team shares fresh digital pieces.

My car knows the very best route

without a GPS.

Over time we have explored our


Three years of PD with Dover teachers and kids

and we are coming to an exciting climax

as the LCD project warms to a loaded computer.

My camera is charging for the capture of

the moments

I will want to relive

as each team holds its breath

for three minutes

waiting for the applause that will


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5 thoughts on “Home Stretch: 26/30 SOLT

  1. Elizabeth G.

    Oh how exciting! I can just imagine how nervous and anxious your students must be. I hope that it’s a succes and that you get great pictures.

  2. Bonnie,
    How cool that you can capture the anticipation and excitement and energy with just a few words. Congratulations as your hard work comes to fruition.

  3. I like that you put in all the kinds of work that you all must be so proud of, like “the LCD project warms to”

  4. Oh I love the end of a unit and the sharing of projects. The sense of accomplishment for students and teacher alike is intoxicating!

  5. Sounds exciting! I’ll bet the students very proud. Enjoy the time!

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