Farewell Poetry Month: 30/30

Farewell Poetry Month 30/30

May is a good month for poetry writing,

June, July, August,

all good months as well,

September and the rest.

I could wake up every morning

of every day,

grab an image

and start clicking my way into

a new piece,

BUT I like

the finite number


and I like the romance of

writing into Spring.

Yesterday climaxed

this second year

of poetry writing

with an explosion

of spring and a

writing project event

that demanded me at my best!

As I write this last one for

PoemADay ’11,

I hope to be back for another

set of 30 in ’12,

and hopefully,

for another

Hudson Valley Writing Project

challenge riding right beside.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Poetry Month: 30/30

  1. munickat

    I’ve learned that there are “scarf”s
    But I am not a “scarf.”
    I do not have such power
    I am just a teaching peon:
    I’m a private in the trenches
    Yes, my ego is overly large
    But I am learning my limits
    And that is how I know
    Or that is why I know
    That I am not a “scarf”
    I am only wearing a scarf
    It’s the only “scarf” I have.
    Lynn and Mary know what’s meant . . .

    • munickat

      i wish i could edit what i wrote. i’d punctuate some things differently…

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