What a Weekend!: SOLT

What a wild weekend! It was a beautiful Friday and I was on my way to a local airport to pick up Troy Hicks, our keynote for our tech conference scheduled for Saturday.  I had great plans: a stop for coffee, a walk along the Hudson on a new walkway bridge, a dinner with our writing project’s tech team, a great place for an overnight and up in the early morning and off to the conference.

BUT, plane issues stopped me dead in my tracks.  Calls back and forth with Troy waiting patiently in Philly and the clock was ticking, closer and closer to 4:30, 5:30, 6:00.  I gave up the walk along the Hudson, after 3 hours I made my way to the parking lot, got in my car and called Troy once again, just one more time before I put the ticket into the slot on the way out of the lot.

He would be able to get closer to New Paltz but it was clear he would not be joining us at all on Friday night. Now we had to hope that he would at least make it easily for the conference the next morning.

The dinner was great even though I couldn’t be Bonnie and Troy but the group needed this evening together to celebrate even though the conversation was not tech focused as it could have been with Troy.  It was in my head, but I was starting to lose my energy but I still had another 30 minutes of driving to Tom’s for the overnight.

I left with the stragglers at 9 and got to Tom’s for a glass of wine before bed and wow, I did sleep and it was a glorious sunrise with a panoramic view of the mountains and Troy was just 30 minutes away from us.

We were up for coffee, oj and just one slice of toast and I was off to the center, where members of the HVWP staff and tech team presenters were coming in with me.  There was that great hum of activity that I love so much and Troy was just one call away right at the entrance.  And everything was moving.  The main room was filled with participants: 70 teachers, HVWP TC’s, SUNY’s pre-service students, and a few administrators.

I would be presenting with my buddy Jack in the afternoon, sharing our current year-long issues based  program that a great 8th grade teacher team has been working on with all 8th grade students.  We were almost ready…we were ready.

And after I stepped aside with my introductory comments about Troy, I picked up my camera and shot photos and worked the video camera.  But as I sat down and took a breath and tried some tweeter back channelling, I couldn’t stay focused on what Troy was talking about.  I just couldn’t keep up my energy.  This effort at multi-tasking just doesn’t seem to work for me. I think I can but I don’t walk away with much. Good thing I have the video tape.

The day was a long one, a successful one, a huge one for me.  I looked like I was loving it but it did take a toll.  I couldn’t be in the specific moments of it, not until I was in my car and on my way back home, to dinner with Tuvia.

I have been asked to post a reflection about the experience and honestly, it flew away from me.

I do remember well, sitting across the table from Tuvia at Bone Fish enjoying our shared steak and the next early morning news about the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in Pakistan!

We watched the White House Correspondents Dinner on CSPAN and Obama and Seth Meyers were great, funny and clever in their humor and we went to sleep, we went to sleep. But Obama went downstairs and watched the operation that took down Bin Laden, finally!

So it was a great weekend even I couldn’t feel it all in real time the way I did in my head.

PS: Obama the Commander in Chief.  It’s clear that the President is off when it comes to education reform but I do support him as the best person we could have in his role and taking down Bin Laden was fine with me.  Many people on FB are quoting Martin Luther King and his position on celebrating death, even someone evil.  I’m wonder about the rest of that quote.  It’s taken out of context.  I would have liked to join the crowd at the ruins of the World Trade Center that night.  I don’t think I’d been drinking a beer to Bin Laden’s death but I do give Obama and the team my great thanks that someone who thought so little about the lives of Americans is gone.

I just responded to a post that tried to strip the President’s role from the action and that is disturbing.  It’s that racism rearing its ugly head once again.  We no finish with the birth certificate that there’s yet another effort to demean the first black/white president.  Now that’s a place to include a quote from Martin Luther King on issues of racism.  Imagine how he would feel to watch Barack Obama as President of the United States!

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7 thoughts on “What a Weekend!: SOLT

  1. Well said, Bonnie! I can’t believe the invective for our President from certain (albeit predictable) sources. This was Obama at his best, I think – informed, decisive and effective. The WHCD roast was awesome – although it’s hard to believe how Obama was able to keep his cool and do so well at a lighthearted event knowing what he did!

  2. Sounds like you had a frantic, yet joyful, weekend. As for the celebration of Bin Ladin’s demise, I cannot find joy in the killing of any human being. I think of how dangerous that mission was for those young men. A friend’s son is a blackhawk pilot in that vicinity and I can only imagine that he was one of those circling helicopters.

  3. Annie Campbell

    So what is clear to me is that in your writing, you know what is really important: dinner across from Tuvia. Being Present. Mindfulness.
    I like it.

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