I Tried to Quit: 5/31 SOLT



I have been debating with myself for months over whether or not it’s worthwhile to remain in my online Hebrew class.  After all, once a week I sit with Tuvia’s family and listen to conversations in Hebrew and never utter a word that I’ve learned in the last three years.  I probably do understand more and if I were a different person, I probably could and would be using what I have. Clearly I would be respected and encouraged.  But I don’t.  And now the grandchildren, after  just 5 months have been speaking fluent English to me and it’s been fantastic to communicate with them. And I don’t spend much time preparing for class.

So, again I asked myself and Tuvia if my time and energy would be better spent elsewhere?  And again the answer from both of us was QUIT!

 But even when I had made my decision and talked about it, it was still not a slam dunk in my emotional reality.  I LOVE my teacher and the others in my class. We, as adult learners, have been struggling together and I am not a quitter!

But yesterday morning I wrote the letter to Rivka and then went on with my business: a great guitar lesson, a Memorial Day barbeque and packing for a trip to California.  As it came time for class and my farewell, I was caught up in last minute travel plans and arrived late.

The group had been talking about me and came to the conclusion that I could not quit.  Rivka, as spokeswoman refused to let me quit. She reminded me too that Hebrew wasn’t just another language but one that anchored me with my ancestors.

I was speechless, unprepared for this response and I could say no and I stayed and is felt good.

At the end of class I called Tuvia and shared the experience and he agreed as well.

I feel so good to be in this community of learners. I still in!

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11 thoughts on “I Tried to Quit: 5/31 SOLT

  1. Lynn Jacobs

    What a great story. I hate to quit things too, even when quitting is what seems to make the most sense. There is sometimes something we are not noticing that makes not quitting the best choice. Glad you decided.

  2. Your conflicting emotions really come through this writing with a peacefulness resulting from your final decision. Wow! Learning Hebrew, good for you!

  3. I’m glad you’re still in it. I’m sure it’s a LOT of work, but it will benefit you in ways you probably cannot imagine yet.

    By the way, I have a magnet that says, “I’d give up chocolate, but I’m not quitter.” Story of my life!

    • And a wonderful teacher helps. For her Hebrew is more than another language and I have to agree, you too?

  4. Some things are meant to be…even if we think otherwise! How awesome that you were not allowed to quit – you were an integral part of this learning community with an important role to play. Good for your group that they spoke up!

  5. This was a very interesting process to read and think about. I wish we could apply such a process to everything instead of just the options in life.

  6. I love that you started by including the actual letter. I always find it difficult to write about things over which I have such conflicting emotions. You wrote your tribulations with grace, and I am especially happy to find that the resolution was to stick with it, in the arms of a supportive community of learners!

  7. It is always hard to leave. I understand all the ambivalence that goes along with making such decisions. I am happy that your class embraced you. It sounds like a wonderful community.

  8. I agree with Christy. The letter is a great beginning. Lovely voice. I enjoy your direct style.

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