An iPad Nightmare: Back on June 9th





So yesterday at our HighFalls meeting, I have my laptop and my iPad. I want to be coo, so I opt to take notes with my iPad using my wireless keyboard.  I am clicking away… great notes… pages of notes… two hours of notes.  Tom stops a bit just watching me go crazy…

Okay. the meeting winds down,  I start to pack up and put all my tools in my bags…

At lunch I return to my ipAd to check some dates, and on my notes page there’s only lines of >>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2222222222222222 as if I leaned against it.  Notes are gone and nothing is backed up on my email.

Tom watches my panic and tries to reassure me… Don’t worry I have some notes.

But I took pages…

On my way home I stop at my local Apple Store and get immediate sympathy and a spot on the Genius Bar line.  Lots of sympathy and the genius, Dave does fix the issue but the notes ARE GONE!

Rats, and Life Goes On…

Turning a new page with my iPAD just a bit wiser,


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5 thoughts on “An iPad Nightmare: Back on June 9th

  1. This is where the new iCloud service would help as you’d be automatically backed up before you delete the text.

    • ICloud, now that’s almost as exciting as the coming of FInal Cut Pro X. Don’t you agree, Matt? Good thing I have an Apple store at the bottom of my hill to offer immediate support!

  2. Bummer 😦

  3. Hey, that looks like a screen shot of my brain at the moment! Love those geniuses at the bar – cool, collected, and efficient!!

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