Returning to DC with Hope?

We are about to return to Washington tomorrow for the Save our Schools march.  I have been back a few times but Tuvia will be riding the train with me and returning for the first time since we celebrated together, Barack Obama’s Inauguration.

Since then there have been many conversations at our dinner tables and while Tuvia is sensitive and respectful about my educational passions and frustrations, he has not lost any hope in the President.  He is coming along for the march on Saturday, more for me than out of any great motivation, after all, he is not in the ed biz.

For me, the march does not come from a feeling of winning but from the sadness that kids are coming out the losers in the rise of the rich and the elimination, as we know it of the middle class.  I can’t say much about the poor. Who really speaks for them?

We will attend the presentations on Saturday, as long as the weather doesn’t broil us, but I’m at a loss at how to stop the powers that be.

Of course, our Hudson Valley Writing Project will fight to survive, but what about the National Writing Project?  What about future teachers, students now..

I go to sleep most nights with thoughts of the future feeling dim.

But tomorrow we are off for DC and joining with like minded friends and colleagues and educational leaders who will inspire us but what then?

I know that’s on many peoples’ minds.

What next?  How long will it take to wake up the “reformers” that they are on the wrong track?

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3 thoughts on “Returning to DC with Hope?

  1. have fun and fight the good fight!

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