The Homeowner’s Blues

I’m waiting for a call from the friendly Russian, who claims to know everything about refrigerators.

“Any ice left?”

“Nope! (proudly). All gone.”

Please, give me back my refrigerator.  I confess, I’ve taken it for granted but yes, yes, yes.  I need it back, hum and all.

I am waiting for your call with a time I can expect you to get me back up and running so I can take off for DC with a peace mind that when I return we will up and humming once again and when I need something cold, it will be cold!

Yes, I’ve got the homeowner’s blues!

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4 thoughts on “The Homeowner’s Blues

  1. dkzody

    At least it’s not the roof or the dual pac.

  2. Have you put it to music yet? You could have a fridge verse, a roof verse, a furnace verse…

  3. Now that’s a job for kevin. But I would also suggest that this be a collaborative project and have other, more authentic voices write about the roof etc…

    But great idea, Jo.

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