Sharing the Train with T

I am not used to traveling by train with T.  Usually  I take the seat by the window and the precious outlet in the Quiet Car and slowly take out my tech toys. I write  a bit, read, nap, snack, chat in the whisper on the phone and just enjoy the experience and I wondered what it would be like sharing my bit of private pleasure.

It was sweet having my partner to sleep on.  Often I wonder what happens when I fall asleep next to a stranger. Do I snore, drool, slump over on his territory?  So far, no complaints but it was sweet having a familiar shoulder.

It was all good, navigating the familiar for my guest.

Now in our hotel I’m hoping that we wake up to a cool breeze to great us into the morning and to the march.

Fingers crossed!

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3 thoughts on “Sharing the Train with T

  1. Lynn Jacobs

    Sweet. What a wonderful photo of Tuvia. Reflective. I’m glad you are on this jaunt together.

  2. Nice photo of Tuvia. I’ll be thinking of the two of you tomorrow!

  3. It was a great time but I had to compromise and leave before some of the big speakers spoke, and I did not get to march to the While House, but that was what was best for Tuvia. It was great!

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