Project 365 Kick Off: An Afternoon With… #1 12-27-11

A Dreary afternoon to kick off this cool new challenge…a funeral in the morning…the last of three in the past few months.  A triumvirate of widows has been created.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 Kick Off: An Afternoon With… #1 12-27-11

  1. Lynn Jacobs

    What are the parameters of your challenge, Bonnie? Lovely photo. It goes with the topic of your post.

  2. I just stole the focus and it could be anything… an afternoon…. A great suggestion just came from WordPress…
    Cool, no?

  3. After I commented, I Googled Project 365 and it came up that Photojojo is doing a daily photo project. Sounds interesting – I always think I’m going to do it, and I get a good start but then I seem to get derailed during the summer. I might try my daily Posterous iPhone photos again. No commitment yet! I’ll check out the WordPress suggestion.

  4. Are you sending me a photo for my digital project: What does Love look like?

    • Yes, I will send you photos. Is there a due date on this? I’m still trying to determine what that will look like!

      • I would like to work on it as the new year is fresh… You have such great photos… What Love Looks Like…… 🙂 Send me a bunch…maybe title them…I think you usually do…

  5. Oh yes, I love WordPress’s idea. I have to think about this now…

  6. NICE! Feel free to send me more than one photo.

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