An Afternoon Preparing for 2012 #2 12-31-11

An afternoon at the mall for a new look at the MAC counter in Macy’s.  That’s Mac for makeup, not computers.  for a solid hour I had an artist on my face, listening closely to my particular interests. Sure it needs some toning down, but Kim did hear me and for New Year’s and beyond, I was ready to look into the camera for another year 🙂

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2 thoughts on “An Afternoon Preparing for 2012 #2 12-31-11

  1. You look good, Bonnie. That was a brave thing to do! I’m always afraid I’ll walk out caked with makeup, not at all like myself, so I never go and learn to use it properly. Maybe I’ll take a lesson from you!

    • :):) It’s an annual experience to get a make over at the MAC makeup stand at Macys in my mall. An old student who works there did the job!

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