One FInal Afternoon with the Singing Butler: SOLT & #3 1-2-12

Morning Slicers and Photo lovers,

I am going strong thinking about how I will be inspired to write on my blogs every day with a photo that captures something of my day. So, far, so good.

Yesterday I did finish this puzzle and it was a true challenge. I’m wondering now if I can find a space on one of my walls to freeze it and hang it. I used to do that when I didn’t have much real art but now, everything on my walls has been created. What do I take down?

I did love getting back to a puzzle but this particular one, while intriguing as a panting was not fun to put together. The colors were just too similar and while I used to feel a lot less guilty when I gave up precious time to put them together now, I feel down right guilty but I stay with it to finish…

I’m thinking about my digital piece about Schindler’s List. I was almost ready to put it up on a shelf as well, but no… I think I need to write into it again… I still need a great start… a start in real time and maybe less story… I don’t know…

I do have a new piece to work on… remember…. My What Love Looks Like… I have 25 contributors… do you have something to share in community piece? I’d love something from you.


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12 thoughts on “One FInal Afternoon with the Singing Butler: SOLT & #3 1-2-12

  1. That puzzle does look like a challenge! So glad you were able to finish it and share the final product with us. It’s too bad this was not enjoyable as you were doing it. Don’t you just love to run your hand over the entire puzzle? I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I complete something like this. It sounds like you have many projects in the works, I look forward to you photos, your perspective inspires me to be more creative than straight on.

    • I do, Elsie. And I just might keep this one. My guy loves it. I’m playing with music for my new digital piece right now..


  2. Bravo, Bonnie – now it’s done! And I have a photo for you that my son is going to teach me how to scan and send to you this evening. You know, there was something very thought provolking and fulfilling about making this choice – I got a lot out of the experience and it make me look at the photographs in such a different way. So, thank you!

  3. My husband and I just finished a hard puzzle, lots of blue sky, but dark blue & cerulean blue & light blue; & then there was water, light water with waves & dark water with shadows, but more blue. It was a disasterous mish-mash of blues. Like you, we couldn’t quit, & I kept saying things like “I’ve got to go wrap gifts!” And then I wouldn’t. Congrats on such an accomplishment, & good luck on the other projects. I hope we’ll get to see the results sometime.

    • Thanks Linda. I am thinking about hanging this one. At the moment, I’m listening to good music for my digital piece 🙂

  4. the other ruth

    Bravo! My husband loves to work puzzles, and he especially loves the hard ones. When he’s finished though, he takes one last look, then quickly scoops all the pieces back into the box and puts it away. I think his favorite part is the figuring out where everything fits.

  5. Me too! I usually trash it right away too but this one could be a keeper.

  6. I love your puzzle design. When I had a house with more wall space, I used to puzzle glue the puzzles and frame them up. I hope you do it with this one.

  7. We used to always get a 1000 word puzzle for our family for Christmas. We’d begin it on Christmas afternoon and finish it on New Year’s Eve. Then it got scooped up and put back in the box, never to be looked at again. We really loved that time together. The whole family would work on it, sometimes half the night. It was just so compelling to finish it in time! This one is lovely.

  8. Broderick

    I really like your website! Awesome job on the look of your web site.

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