Morning in Aruba: SOLSC #2

It’s the first morning in paradise and there are a few snags to deal with.  After all, what’s life without those bumps in the road?  Promises were made and ignored when it came to our room.  Yes, we have one but it’s not what we were promised.  Now how important is that?

The battle continues in just a few minutes.

And… there’s a problem with internet in the room.  Can I life unplugged for a week?

No! Especially during the SOL March Marathon!  So I am racing to post this Slice while we sit a breakfast (healthy so far).  but I can feel Tuvia’s eyeing the computer to get at the NY TImes.  So I’m racing to get something down and I will return to read and write a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be here on this island but maybe twice at the Occidental was enough. Details to follow.

Off to the battle and the beach 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Morning in Aruba: SOLSC #2

  1. okay…your breakfast looks awesome and the dreary Midwest can not compete with the sun. Have a great vacation

  2. Enjoy that day in paradise. I woke up to warnings of major hail storm headed my way, but thankfully it has moved on. Can’t wait to learn about the issues with the room. No, you cannot go a week unplugged, at least not in March. Enjoy your day!

    • I know Elsie,
      They did change our room today and I am hooked in and Tuvia is smiling over his book and I just finally unpacked. 🙂
      All good.

  3. We had snow, snow, snow
    Glad you are in the sun. Enjoy yourself!

  4. There was no snow in Rockland or Paramus where we are. But I did get a text the night before that school would canceled at Highland Falls where I’ve been working. Good thing I did what I had to do the day before.
    Snow lines are magical

  5. Thanks for stopping by even in your frenzy, Bonnie. No, we possibly couldn’t live without Seuss. I think he’s had an amazing impact on us, from the early years, through WWII, & then of course his children’s books. As for your trip, perhaps you should post two at a time then take the day off for that gorgeous water! I’m contemplating building a fire in the fireplace because a cold front just dropped the temp again. Br-r! Happy travels & I just put you on my reader so I wouldn’t miss you!

  6. Tam

    Aruba means sun and sand–no problems that I can see!!! Good luck with the internet!!

  7. Oh dear – sounds like you will have a few challenges as we begin this month of writing

  8. Your post was like a conversation. Thanks for sharing the hassle. I have always appreciated your commitment to writing. Enjoy even with the bumps. 🙂

  9. Sorry for the snags — especially if they keep you offline! — and hoping for smoother sailing for the rest of your trip!

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