Sneakers back on, guitar dusted off, computer humming: Day 3: SOLSC #4




Morning Slicers:

It’s Sunday in Aruba. Sun is rising, winds are sweet, the waterfall( man-made) to my right, balances the breakfast conversations around us. Tuvia is reading the Sunday NY Times on my iPad as he gets ready for his very own that will soon arrive after the big reveal on March 7th.  I’ll probably be joining him and my friend Christine is salivating for my old tech, iPad 1.

So today I am ready to balance the inactivity of the beach with movement on the hotel’s lone treadmill,if it’s working, find an hour or more before dinner for guitar practice to justify its journey here, and continue to wade through my video hours of Highland Falls teachers and make the cuts that are so necessary in creating something that’s 7 minutes…7 minutes???

It’s all good, but we are already wondering about Costa Rico for next year. I was ready for something different this year, but there’s two of us and I sometimes forget that. (I try not to.) But I think Tuvia is moving to my side without my demands.

Tomorrow we are off to explore more of the island in jeeps.  Nothing too rugged but my camera is itching for new subjects and both of us will need something more dramatic, even in paradise.

I am anchored with internet.  I need it, I realize to stay connected to my world, especially during the month of March.  It’s amazing to see how many new slicers have joined this year and I wish I could read all of them.  That’s impossible here for sure, but it will be a challenge even back home.

My big digital deadline in March 15th and most of that week back home will be sent hunched over this screen.  Actually, now that I think about it, so what else is new?

Enjoy your Sunday



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12 thoughts on “Sneakers back on, guitar dusted off, computer humming: Day 3: SOLSC #4

  1. Holy Moly! You are in Aruba! I read that you worked with the Writing Project. I spent two years co-directing the Maine Writing Project. Life changing, right? So I have not gotten involved in the digital storytelling world, but planning on taking a class this summer! Hmm, where can I get a grant that would take me to Aruba for a class? Your environment sounds heavenly. Look forward to reading more of your slices.

  2. Just rub it in Bonnie! Your current world looks and sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see photos after you’ve been out exploring in the jeep.

  3. What a lovely day ahead of you, my friend! Let’s see…Aruba or Costa Rica…hmmm…either one would be a dream come true as I begin another dreary, grey Jersey day!

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Bonnie. If you are reading the NY Times, there is an article in the art section about the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. The woman in the picture, director of programming Sarah Baie, is my daughter. We’re so proud of her so since you mentioned the time I thought I’d tell you. Hope the jeep ride is filled with new pictures for you!

    • That’s fantastic, but I think I knew that. I’m sure I read something about her in one of your posits, no?

  5. Ahh, Aruba! I haven’t been there (I’ve been to Curacao.), but it sounds like you’re enjoying your time in paradise together.

    Yea for reading the NY Times on your iPad. We have a hard copy here. I haven’t read it yet since we lingered in bed snuggling with Isabelle this morning and then we went to the Purim Carnival. I’m hoping to settle into the paper in about two hours. (My mom and Marc have both told me I have to read the cover story about Rick Santorium.)

    • Seems like the Times gets easier and easier to read on the iPad. There was another update recently. Steve Jobs really pushed the NY Times to join him. He probably saved the paper in the long run.

      • I saw that piece on Rick S. Now there is one very scary candidate for president. The Republican crowd is making the choice between them and Obama even easier to see. I wish Obama was better but compared to that pack of clowns, no question for me.

  6. Oh how I wish I was there with you. I will live it through your slices.

    • HI Katie,
      It’s really an easy place to adjust to if you can really slow down. A week is probably just enough for us but there are people who stay longer.

  7. Hope you enjoy your time in Aruba and good luck with your project 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos, Bonnie! You know I love them, and how much I love seeing pics of Tuvia! Costa Rica sounds great. That’s someplace I’d like to visit, too.

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