Wonder, Thanks to Kevin: SOLSC 2012 #5

Today, in paradise, Tuvia and I read a good part of the day away.  It was warmer than usual and not as windy.  Sometimes we were up in the room, sometimes on lounge chairs at thee pool, sometimes on seats around the bar.

I am hooked on Wonder, a book that Kevin sliced about the other day. Tuvia’s subject of choice: World War II.

I have internet most of the time and it was just a clicks away to download a sample from Amazon, devour the first three chapters and then return for the rest of the book with just one more final click.

Read Kevin if I’m peeking your interest: http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2012/03/03/slice-of-life-tears-from-wonder/  Tears from Wonder, I ask you, how could you not melt for a taste of it?

I haven’t cried yet, but when I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about August, the main character and his family and his adventures and what surprises I have in store.

It’s been hard lately to find a book that holds me so tightly.  I’m lost without this anchor.

Back I go even though I did not spend enough time today on my digital piece, but hey I did exercise, play my guitar, enjoy a wonderfully romantic Italian dinner on the restaurant’s outside balcony and tomorrow at 8:30 we will be off in those cute red jeeps to explore the island’s nature spots.

Camera is ready!

But first, time for more WONDER!

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22 thoughts on “Wonder, Thanks to Kevin: SOLSC 2012 #5

  1. I just finished this today (well, I guess that’s now yesterday) amazing read…I love August, and the world this writer has created. Enjoy those Jeeps!

  2. Wonder is my OLW for 2012. Perhaps I should pick this up!

  3. Do it Stacey and yes Tara, what a pleasure.
    Jeeps in Red. I remember pink Jeeps in Sedona. 🙂

  4. I am on the lookout for this book too. Your day sounds pretty full – enjoy the tour.

  5. Amazing, you didn’t even have to find a bookstore! I too am about to almost finish. It keeps getting better and better, if you can believe it. And I too referenced Kevin’s writing. Glad you had a nice day Bonnie. Still hoping for pictures.

  6. Bonnie, the title includes the word “legend” and there is an explanation at the back of the book in the author’s note telling that it is not true, but the story also tells of other good deeds of the king and of the citizen of Denmark. I’ll research a bit too. Thanks for the info.

  7. It’s nice to hear that others like it as much as I did. No surprise. My wife is going to now use it for her high school reading club. And so a book goes on …

  8. I too downloaded the book with a click yesterday; however, with all this reading of Slices as well as the normal work of writing report card comments, cerating powerpoints, and reading grad students’ lesson plans, I did not even “dare” to open it…..the lure of a good read is just too strong and I might not have gone to sleep at 10 and then I would have missed getting up to read and write this morning!

  9. You are the third post I have read referencing this book. I guess it is time to download it:) Your vacation sounds lovely so far.

  10. I posted today about reading good books, also. It was about the dilemma of finishing a book because the characters and story were so rich you hated to leave them. I am adding “Wonder” to my list of reads.

  11. Tam

    Wrote Wonder down in my Book Ideas Notebook. Let us know how the jeep trip went–love stories of Paradise!!!

  12. I love books that hold my attention and transport me to another place. I will look up Wonder. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!

  13. Okay, I will be putting it on my hold list from the library, but not until the challenge is over (my spare time is spent reading slices). I love it when I read and when I have to put it aside my mind is still thinking about the characters. So jealous of you in paradise. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  14. Now that I have read all of these posts, I must pick up this book and add it to my list.

  15. I just wrote about this book for my Monday TWT post. It is a read for EVERYONE!

  16. I have heard so much about his book. Apparently, I must get it now!

  17. I’ve heard this book is amazing! I really want to read it. Thanks for your slice(:

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