I Can’t Escape for Long: SOLSC 2012 Day #6

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In vacation mode today we took a tour of the island of Aruba and Tuvia and I rode in the lead jeep with Victor, our tour guide and we took full advantage of our good fortune.  
Sadly, there wasn’t too much to see.  I don’t want to seem full of myself but I’ve been so lucky to live in New York, right outside of the city that never sleeps and then spend vacation time traveling.  Aruba, an island of paradise has the sea and the sand and about 120,000 natives living in this paradise.  When you move into the interior and travel through the towns it is interesting but the natural park area that consumes 17% of the land area is just nice, some greenery, thanks to an extra amount of rainfall this year, some goats and some sheep.  And we walked into a few caves and finally we did get to Baby Beach.  All very nice but after you’ve been to say, Sedona…

We are starting to itch for something fresh…

And back home I had my book, Wonder, my digital project and a new National Writing Project  online study group just beginning called: Writing and Inquiry in the Digital Age and here’s our Wordie, compliments of Troy Hicks:

So as we move into the last phase of our vacation, we are already thinking about home.

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19 thoughts on “I Can’t Escape for Long: SOLSC 2012 Day #6

  1. Love the cactii, they look so old! The lighthouse, the ocean’s color, the city but country too – beautiful. Thanks Bonnie. Happy travels, even going home!

  2. Morning Linda,
    I do like seeing the images as a slideshow on my blog. More impressive than I remember in the experience.

  3. Love the slide show Bonnie. I will be very interested to hear all about your projects.

    • Great timing for Slices back home Diane. My big project documenting teacher/student work is due on the 15th and I have my days open for that. Can’t wait. I have been playing here but I need home to focus better. We have two more days here.

  4. Your slideshow brought back good memories from our trip to Aruba.
    We were quite courageous one day and did the Jeep tour on our own. My husband loved navigating the manual gear shift and especially the map we were given. I enjoyed the experience though him. Let’s just say, it was quite an adventure. In Aruba, we surely appreciated the variety of terrain, landscapes, and views within a small area.

  5. I do appreciate the unique experience here.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Bonnie. It’s the first day of state testing for us and I needed a quick vacation. I wish you could come to Chicago and spend time with my class and I just doing digital stories.

    • ugh… now there’s a city I love. We were there for the National Conference. That would have been a great time to meet Katie but I always think about us in virtual time. When Tara showed up one town over from Tuvia we took full advantage of it.

  7. Finally, some vacation pictures! They are able to take me to a far away place for a brief moment. I love the church. I find your musing that there wasn’t much to see interesting. Enjoy your last days!

  8. Well, I’m home sick and yet I get to travel to tropical Aruba via your beautiful slide show….life has its compensations! Bask in that sun, my friend, and say hello to Tuvia!!!

  9. Ahhhh. Reading of your adventures and watching the slide show was like a mini vacation….thank you

    • Hi Deb,
      Glad you are back for another year with us. I have slices to read 🙂 Tuvia is smiling back at you.

  10. Great photos, Bonnie! Thanks for taking us on your tour! You’re making me miss Jamaica. Time to make some plans …

  11. Great pics! Really hope you continue to enjoy your time in Aruba B)

  12. Stacie,
    I love the place but next year we need a new island for a different adventure. Suggestions?
    I know you are connected to Jamaica, I actually miss the Club Med experience but they have been taken over by the all-inclusive competition and changes in the style of vacation, damn it.

  13. Anytime you can ride somewhere in a Jeep, you’re a lucky human being. We have two, and living on the coast of VA/NC, we spend a lot of time in our Jeeps on a deserted stretch of beach watching the dolphins play in the surf. Have fun and enjoy your Jeep time!

  14. Thank you for a lovely view! I’ve never been to Aruba, but we did a Jeep trek in Cozumel. Nothing like it! Thanks for this slice!

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