I’m Taking A Moment to Kvell!: SOLSC #7

There were two photos here…my brother asked that they come down.  He is not so comfortable with digital writing.



My brother Rick is the tall one in the photo shaking hands with the short man, Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel and I am kvelling(Yiddish word for beaming with pride,maybe even more than beaming- let’s say heart racing pride.) Sorry photos had to come down.)

Just last week, before I left for Aruba, we met for lunch and talked about this upcoming experience. I suggested that he scrunch down a bit. Peres is short and shrinking and Rick stands tall at 6,7. Yes, he still plays basketball at 56.

Rick is 6 years younger than I am and we share many things: a love of books, movies, his kids, and a passion for Israel.  Our partners have taken us in different political directions (although he has moved to a more moderate position) and if he were shaking the hand of Netanyahu I would probably not be kvelling, maybe just smiling a little.

But it’s hard not to be proud of him.  He’s passionate about his work and his new challenge that will take him to Israel.  I think he fell in love with the country the day he first arrived, even before he met his future wife on a kibbutz.  I followed Rick a few months later and the experience for me was life changing as well, even though I had to wait  many years for Tuvia.

I wish I could call him now to get the conversation that goes with the photos.  I’m sure a good chunk of it was in Hebrew.

Wow! I’m still kvelling and I need a few more hours of sleep to enjoy my last full day in paradise.

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13 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Moment to Kvell!: SOLSC #7

  1. That’s awesome that he met Shimon Peres, who is such an incredible leader. You SHOULD be kvelling. 🙂

  2. Elsie

    That is soooo awesome!!!! I love the word kvelling. So much more to it than proud. beam away!

  3. Kvell away!!! How exciting for Rick to have this opportunity to look forward to. Interesting that he was at AIPAC – Romney and Santorum spoke there and verged on treaon (in my humble opinion). But Peres was on Charlie Rose, what an interesting man – he had wise words for us all (is Bibi listening?!). Enjoy your day in paradise!

  4. grade4wizard

    Wow, indeed. Kvelling! – I can feel what the word means.

  5. I’m so glad you told us about your wonderful brother and his meeting with Peres. Wow! I believe I would kvell too, all over the place. I hope this will be followed up! Have a wonderful last day in your beachy setting.

  6. Bonnie…nice to reconnect! Proud…well I guess so!!! How is Tuvia? I’m sure you’ve traveled to many exciting places since I last checked in!

    • Coming home tomorrow from Aruba. Lennye. Great to see you back here. Tuvia is great, snoozing away at the moment as I watch the end of American Idol. We are both ready for home.

  7. Intriguing. Thank you for sharing. I love Israel too. I worked on a Kibbutz in 1978 for a few months.

  8. I can hear your love and pride in your writing, Bonnie. I’m sorry you weren’t able to leave your photo in the post. It’s hard, weighing whether to use photos of others, isn’t it?

  9. I love how you suggest he should scrunch down a bit. Such a big brother!

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