Ready to Pack and Get Home: SOLSC #8

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We are both ready to be home and we have been ready for a few days.  It is paradise, really. Beach, ocean… a bit breezy…but wonderful. Yes, paradise.  But this is year number 3 and there is nothing new… there’s drinking(all included), there’s gambling, there’s eating( included) and we just need something more and next year that will happen.

So this could be good-bye forever… or until we meet again 🙂

I am thinking deeply about that book Wonder.  How about you?

And I’m playing with my next video and once I’m home I will be putting that center stage in my life and in my slicing…

See you on the flip side,


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7 thoughts on “Ready to Pack and Get Home: SOLSC #8

  1. Glad you had a nice time. Welcome home (when you get there)

  2. Travel safe. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Happy travels, & yes, am thinking of Wonder-just finished it last night. I slowed down because I didn’t want to finish. It’s quite a read & now I’ve passed it on to a friend at school with kids who can’t wait. They’ll read it together this weekend.

  4. Thanks, again, for that slideshow of paradise. Wonder is the book of the year for me…still thinking about how to use it in my classroom. Safe journey home!

  5. Beauty in paradise, but it’s not home. Be safe.

  6. Ah…vacation- sweet words!

  7. Leslie

    Safe travels, Bonnie 🙂 Hope you are returning home a little more relaxed & refreshed.

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