Back to Dover Middle School: SOLSC #10

It was a very full day, that first day back.  So full that by 8PM I had just enough energy to make my way into bed, turn the TV on and shut my eyes for most of the night.  Tuvia was hoping for company but I had nothing left to offer.  But it was a good day, even if it was freezing.  I still didn’t dream about the Aruba beaches in bare feet.

I had a great day at Dover Middle School working with the IC teacher team and the student tech team and then observing Matt’s class of 8th grade Social Studies, who were using the Kaplan Discussions.

Don’t tell Sheridan Blau but Matt has renamed his Literature Workshop.  I tried to stop him, but Matt feels he has license and he even shared his enthusiasm at a Board Of  Ed meeting.  Flattering.

So Matt, in the midst of putting his own spin to this move to take the teacher out of the center of the learning process, invited me in to document his work with my trust video camera and I captured some of the excitement:

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16 thoughts on “Back to Dover Middle School: SOLSC #10

  1. Glad to see you are back, safe, and back in the schools. I hope you got some good sleep.

  2. Massive amounts of sleep 🙂

  3. Welcome back! It looks like you returned to you usual busy life. great pictures of the classroom…everyone looks so engaged!

  4. Bonnie, your piece reminds me of ‘re-entry’ and I think of space capsules re-entering the earth’s atmosphere for some reason. We have to adapt and let’s face it school is a world away from the beach in Aruba. it’s amazing how quickly we adjust to the differing demands placed upon us!

  5. Glad you had an enriching first day back! Hope you have caught up on sleep 🙂

  6. Kaplan Discussions, has a nice ring to it. What an honor! First days back are always exhausting, get some rest and soon you will be company for Tuvia.

  7. Bonnie, what did you use to display your photos as a slide presentation? Would like to do that on my blog, and I’m new at this 🙂

    • It seems like WordPress keeps getting better and offering more options. When you click on adding a photo as you write a post you get a option to switch to another way to add photos. It’s a screen that allows you to drag in photos and you can add more than one. When they are added at the bottom of that screen there’s an option for sideshow. It you click on slideshow that’s all you need to do and it appears wherever you’ve left your cursor.
      Does that make sense?

  8. To return from such a trip & go immediately back must be exhausting. Glad you made it through & had a good day. Thanks for the interesting day, & especially your work with the teacher. I hope you explain the dilemma with him even more.

  9. It’s good to be back and good thing there wasn’t more serious jet lag. Thanks for the read everyone. YOU ROCK!

  10. Glad to see you back in the work you love, Bonnie. Dover Middle is lucky to be working with you!

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