Bonnie the Blogger: SOLSC #11

Raise your hand if you LOVE Slicing!

Hang on, I have to raise one too!  Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for this  Challenge 🙂

If you’re new to the experience and wondering what happens at the end of the month, know that it never ends.  Every Tuesday Slicing continues:).

I’ve been reading Elsie and Kevin and other Slicers sharing their slicing experiences so I’m going to take up the inspiration and write a bit about my own blogging life, because it’s a bit of a mystery to me.

I’ve been blogging a long time, probably since early 2006 and then more regularly since the summer of 2006 when I became part of the National Writing Project blogging community with Kevin and other NWP techies. Kevin dove into blogging:writing posts and then reading other blogs, lots of blogs and one was mine.  So I had great incentive to write a post and know I would be read regularly.

I’ve been writing every day since then.  I got a great idea from another Slicer, Stacie to write to an image using a great theme on WordPress that enlarged the photo and its resolution and whatever the dominant color in the photo, that  became the background color for the post.  It was fantastic and stimulating since I was already loving my digital camera.  That continued for a long time until a year or so ago when blog creator changed the format and the photo stopped blowing up and maybe  that was enough to turn me off.  Seems ridiculous and maybe there was more to it but one morning I just stopped grabbing a photo and beginning my writing into the day routine.

I LOVE beginning my day with writing and a glass of OJ and  the political conversation on MSNBC with Morning Joe and now I’m back to my routine and I’m hoping that I stay with it.

Now it does help if you have readers and commenters but the public writing for me is even more important.  I’ve been in other writing communities, shared photos in a Flickr group called Photo Fridays,  Kevin and I co-facilitate an online National Writing Project iAnthology for NWP writers and like everything else, I am in and committed and then I take a break spontaneously .  It’s like Facebook and Twitter.  I have accounts for both and love the experiences but I come and go in regularity without rhyme or reason.

But I think my daily blogging is more about me as writer moving out of privacy of a real journal. Writing to a live audience, that’s what’s been so exciting and I want that morning routine back.  So I’m hoping that no matter what, I continue on April 1st to write into the morning…who else will be writing that April 1st Slice?




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16 thoughts on “Bonnie the Blogger: SOLSC #11

  1. Lynn Jacobs

    I too love to write every day, and for some reason it doesn’t happen every day any more. I find that after a good blog post I’m excited to write another, and maybe I do write one pretty soon. But then this blog ennui strikes and I find myself with nothing to say. At all. When I wrote in a paper journal I wrote every day without fail. Now that I write online it is so easy to become scattered. Still I love the idea that someone will read my thoughts! It’s a conundrum.

  2. I was so excited to read about Tuesday slices and love your challenge of the April 1st slice. I know I have to keep up the habit, I have to. I need to practice what I preach! Thanks for sharing your journey about writing/blogging and being in the community of writers. I think I’ll write about mine for a post. I love how we get ideas from each other! We inspire each other – Thanks for the inspiration!

    • 🙂 Sounds wonderful Jenn. WordPress keeps improving and add new great features. I’m loving this blog theme. Keep on writing…

  3. I love your reflection of your blogging life. I wondered what happened to the daily photo part of your blog. Now I know. I want to write more, but . . . 1. would anyone read it without the slice link, 2. what would I write? My life isn’t that interesting on an everyday basis, 3. I guess I still don’t see myself as a serious, committed writer. Those are a few thoughts that plague me. I guess I have some issues to work out.

    • I don’t need too many comments. But the experience of writing just by itself, is so powerful and important for me. When I don’t do it, something is missing.

  4. Bonnie, I love your phrase ‘write into the morning’. It’s interesting to hear about your writing path & that you liked your support through the years. Yes, I’ll be there on April Fool’s Day. I’d be a fool not to be!

  5. Writing every day is like breathing to me…I see my blog as a repository of my thinking, especially about my teaching. There are nuggets of writing that I’m taking in new directions in other place, but the blog is like my penseive (thank you J.K. Rowling) – a container of who I am and where I am as a teacher and a thinker and a writer. I try slicing every Tuesday, but not if it feels forced, or if there is something else I’d rather write about…but I’ve come to enjoy knowing what Katie, and you and Elsie and others are up to…and what’s going on in your creative lives. I feel I learn a lot as a writer from all of you …. that, and the fact that you are a collection of very cool people it’s just nice to stay in touch with!

  6. Paul

    As a newbie to this, the one big thing that’s striking me is the power of writing for an audience/community. This is something my students don’t experience enough; their writing is too much in a closed circuit too often — a conversation between each student and me, and that’s about it in most cases. This is making me think of how to bring this power to my classes and my school. I have enjoyed “moving out of privacy” in the last 10 days, and hope to create scenarios where my students can have the same feeling! 🙂

    • I know where you are coming Paul. I thought before digital writing and it was a piece that was always missing until I had kids writing and sharing regularly pre computers. Now the world is their writing circle. I’m loving it and they should too.


  7. This was fun to read your history and feelings about blogging.

  8. Thank you for sharing your background in blogging. I find that blogging gets my daily thoughs connecting to my teaching. I have some writing goals personally and the blogging allows me to play with my words. It’s part of the process. Comments are the fuel to keep my writing going, and that happens with the connections I have been making through SOLC. Thanks for being part of the motivation. I do plan to keep blogging,

  9. This is my 5th year for the challenge and it really has changed the way I think about writing – I mean now I think about writing all the time and I write so much more! I did return to my original blog space after a few years on wordpress. I imagine I will be writing on April 1 too.

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