Sunday is Movie Day: SOLSC #12

Sunday afternoons are for movies and I’m the one that has to pull a winner out of my hat. Now if I don’t, it’s not like I’m punished but on the way home it can be gloomy but yesterday we took that great risk with an independent film showing at our mall cineplex and it was a WINNER and I’m offering it up in this slice.

Friends with Kids

I used to love romantic comedies: Hepburn and Tracey, Cary Grant with anyone, Fred Astaire and Ginger etc. that continued my whole life.

My all-time favorite: Something’s Gotta Give, Tuvia’s: An American President. But lately, this strong genre seems to have weakened and often we leave the theater after on feeling gipped.

So when  we entered  theater #17, a small one, we wondered.  But we were not alone. Most of seats were taken be the time the lights dimmed.  This was probably an audience who read the same articles in the Sunday Times.

Scene One:

Six friends meet for dinner. The dialogue is moving at lightening speed and I’m wondering about Tuvia already. Three couples are in different stages of connection: one pair is pregnant( Maya Rudolf and Chris O’Dowd) a second is into sex, even in restaurant bathrooms( Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig and the 3rd- great long-time friends but just platonic Jen Westfeldt and Adam Scott.

It’s a great ensemble of young actors. Jennifer Westfeldt directs, writes and stars in this film. Her real lifetime partner, Jon Hamm plays the sex-driven character.

4 years later we have two couples dealing with the challenges of kids in New York City. BTW, the city looks great in this film.

Refreshingly,    the platonic pair takes up the issue of having a baby. They agree to have a baby but remain friends and of course that plan will be riddled with reality.

I loved it and cried with joy through the last 15 minutes but that usually happens. The big news is that Tuvia loved it too.

So two thumbs way up from the team of Kaplan & Rosenberg.

And now the pressure is on me. My digital documentary is due on Thursday. Fingers crossed that I make process on this PJ Monday.

Have a great day,



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11 thoughts on “Sunday is Movie Day: SOLSC #12

  1. I love this cast, and was hoping to see it. Your review confirmed that I will be seeing this one big screen! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love both of your favorites. However, my all-time favorite romantic comedy is “Notting Hill.” Have you seen that one?

  3. I do like that one. Funny I stayed away from it when it was in the movies but Ive seen a few times on DVD. Good one.

  4. Ooh, I sat the article about this and want to see it, too. Once I’m done with all my grading, this one is on the list!
    P.S. What a change from wolves tearing people apart in the wilds of Alaska, right?!

    • This will lead to much better coffee conversation. Tuvia is getting the grill ready for dinner at his place.

  5. Your review caught my attention. The way you set it up made me think hmm maybe? Thank you for such a great idea for a slice.

  6. Thanks for the heads up to a great film. We find it trying to find one that’s really, really good. Good luck with your deadline, Bonnie.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love movies and was curious about Friends with Kids. Now, I’ll definitely have to check this one out 🙂

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