In the Thick of it Now :) : SOLSC #13




Yesterday I spent most of a beautiful Monday outside, on my living room couch inside, and I was okay with that because I didn’t feel guilty anymore about this big project I need to finish by sometime on Thursday.   I had my computer with me in Aruba and I did spend some of our hotel room time working, but it wasn’t real working time.  I just couldn’t concentrate in that resort environment and I was feeling torn.

Finally, with everything unpacked, washed and put away I could finally settle down on my familiar work space with some soft tunes playing on my iPod and finally into a groove.

I was back in my process: watching lots of video interviews, repeating segments and grabbing for FInal Cut’s razor blade and I’m working…

I’ve spent the last few months working with  HF teachers 3-8 on writing projects that focus on the Common Core State Standards #1 and #8.  #1 is the meat and potatoes standard that seems to freak out most teachers because it centers on argumentative, non-fiction writing and #8  that fits with it logically focusing  on the accuracy of digital resources.  At first I freaked at the challenge.  It was actually supposed to be K-8.  I sent lots of SOS emails to elementary teachers I knew, but ultimately, I had some good conversations with members of the Hudson Valley Writing Project team and then ultimately with the Tech Leader  I’ve been working with at the school and reworked the project to what felt most comfortable to me.  I did have a great chat with Stacey One of the Two Writing Teachers at the NCTE conference and that was reassuring.

In the time allotted and given my insecurities in working with elementary kids, I took on fewer grades: 3-8 and met with grade teams before I started. I tailored projects to fit with each teacher who opened their door to me and while some doors stayed shut even with efforts made on my part, my focus was on the ones who took up the challenge and that worked perfectly for me.  As we talked a lot I was able to suggest digital tools for each project as well.

So now I am sifting through lots of video that documents the work of teachers and students and it’s way too long.  The issue soon, will be what can’t I take away and how do I create an exciting  structure for the pieces on this digital workspace.  Of course I do have help in that area: my favorite Apple guy will be spending time with me during this Personal Projects session this morning and tomorrow as well if necessary.

I love it when I can stop feeling guilty that I’m procrastinating. I need a deadline and my work space to get myself moving.  It’s all good.


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5 thoughts on “In the Thick of it Now :) : SOLSC #13

  1. I love those that take up the challenge…I would take up the challenge with you. Ahhh…digital resources, we need them.

  2. Deadlines really do help don’t they? It sounds as if your goal now is to sift and find the core of the material that you want to show out of all that you’ve gathered. It’s great you were able to help so many teachers move into the digital world of possibilities. Good luck Bonnie!

  3. “I love it when I can stop feeling guilty that I’m procrastinating,” that’s a good feeling. Git ‘er done! I know you will and it will be awesome!

  4. I’m so glad to get an update on your work there, Bonnie. Good luck as you move towards the finishing.

  5. Busy, busy, busy – it IS all good though, can’t wait to hear about the finished product.

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