Rough Cut Done:) SOLSC #14

This is a first for me: I am writing this post on my iPad using the WordPress app I uploaded months ago. I’m enjoying the experience so far.

I have to thank my Slicer buds for your words of encouragement as I race to another digital due date. I didn’t think I would have a rough draft finished yet, but I do…actually it was in processing mode last night after Tuvia got the first look and….it passed the Tuvia boredom test, patiently digesting lots of talking heads as a non-educator and even though it’s 18 minutes without a finished opening and closing he ordered me to keep it all.

I’m now preparing an online version for Vimeo to share with my Highland Falls administrator. She is organizing this Board of Ed presentation and I’m not the only presenter and it’s 12 minutes longer than she or I expected. maybe that’s why I procrastinated for the last few weeks, just knowing how much footage I had to sift through and edit…

I have administrators opening and closing the piece…I have 4 teachers from grades 1,3,5,6 and 8th and their students describing their and sharing their work…

The usual 5-7 minute attention span constrains just didn’t seem to work for me, but it will be out there with a more formal link that I will share in my slice later today or tomorrow.

Yesterday was a perfect day, working with Final Cut Pro x on my own and with help from my Apple guru during a 2-hour Personal Projects session and then after a lovely lunch with Tuvia, more editing and thinking….and a dinner out…and then back for a bit more before the first viewing and then MSNBC to see what was going on in politics…

Today I’m hoping to race for the finish line and get to read the Slices I stayed away from yesterday.

It was cool writing on my old iPad. The new one arrives on Friday afternoon.

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7 thoughts on “Rough Cut Done:) SOLSC #14

  1. Yikes — you have to cut 12 minutes? That’s a lifetime for video.

  2. I don’t envy you when it comes to cutting. Last year I did a presentation of my CAS project for three different groups of people. Paring it down to an hour was painful. I made sure to have lots of kids sprinkled throughout so everyone would stay interested! The kids have POWER:) Good luck, Bonnie.

  3. It sounds like you were in a groove. That’s when you can accomplish the most, especially with a deadline hanging over your head. I like the way you slipped in the new ipad arriving. Lucky you, I will stay content with my #2 since I don’t really know how to use it to its full potential, yet. Happy reading!

  4. Like Elsie, I think my #2 is just fine, but I did get a new IPhone! Anyway, congratulations on all the work done Bonnie. My son-in-law is a movie maker/editor & I hear all the ins & outs of his work-tough going! Guess you’re on that final road!

  5. Keep going, my friend. Although 12 minutes seems a lot to cut. I love my iPad 2, but I need to get more adventurous with it.

  6. Whatcha gonna do with the old iPad once the new one arrives?

    Anyway, I just started using the WordPress App for my iPhone. Not as nice as doing it on the computer, but it works when I need to do a blog post on the fly.

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