Just Show Up!:SOLSC #15

My latest digital ride is coming to its conclusion in just a few hours and while it was a great day of work on Tuesday, trying to put the finishing touches on this piece on Wednesday was a wild and frustrating ride with Apple’s latest version of Final Cut Pro X first un veiled last summer and I was so excited. But once I had my copy downloaded on my computer I stalled actually using it. I had great tutorials, I had my Apple guy Tom and I had some projects to work on, but I would open the program, click around at something that looked like Imovie on steroids, and then close it.

I needed a big project and a deadline and I was handed one a few months ago.

I started back with basic lessons at Apple, played some of my tutorials but it wasn’t until I hit a wall yesterday up against some of the quirks of the program that I really started to take charge of a new timeline.

As great as Tuesday was, Tuesday without that initial energy, made the walls higher and harder to pull down. I tried creating an initial draft for the web and that effort bombed, at the Apple store I had to share my guru with others and that was so frustrating but I did leave for home with more than I thought I had to take charge of this project.

I still didn’t have the green light to share the version of my documentary that was more than double the usual size of a video, and when I got home I tried again to create a web size version for Vimeo but finally I had that essential conversation with Andrea and I was pretty sure that she would go with me…still I wanted her to see a draft and I patiently continued to wait for the web version to process…

I went to bed with my MacBook Pro and slept while it continued to process? Until 3am.

New plan of attack: I canceled the process and went to work on the piece to bring it to a complete draft without my morning return to Apple. I had something finished by 5 and now I was exporting to my computer. That process had worked for me for the rough cut.

After a few hours of sleep. Breakfast and some very bad news I was in my car driving to the school to share this version of the documentary with Andrea.

We sat side by side in her office and section after section she beamed.

Green light!

I left for home for lunch with Tuvia and a nap and one last revision joust about ready to be seen.

I sun is finally shining now. I’m glazed over in digital joy ready for a shower and another ride to HF for the board meeting at 7.

Tuvia and I will meet later for a quiet celebration complete with a Crumbs Red Velvet cupcake.

I’m feeling confident that my new piece accurately showcases the work of some great teachers and students as they share their work that just happens to also fit the Common Core State Standards #s1& 8, author ally showcasing the serious and creative work of teachers and students.

Perfect timing to end this slice. I’m off to the showers, wish me luck,


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One thought on “Just Show Up!:SOLSC #15

  1. Of course we wish you luck, but that red velvet cupcake waiting for a celebration might be enough to keep you going. How hard you’ve worked for this, and for the teachers. I hope they are appreciative, & the person you mentioned, Andrea, seems very pleased. Great job, Bonnie!

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