Being Flynn:SOLSC #17

Tuvia needed  to get out yesterday and even though I didn’t, I pushed myself off the couch, gabbed my jacket and made sure the note to the UPS man was clearly posted on our door so he would leave my new iPad for me.

There was total silence in the car as we drove to Tenafly, making amazing time with few cars in our way at 3:15 . I was feeling  horrible, wondering how I could possibly stay awake for Being Flynn. It was actually my selection and Tuvia bought in as he usually does and then just as the movie’s  about to start he typically gets cold feet and inquires as to  how I heard about the film.  It’s too late NOW..just go with it!

It was a dreay day, I was feeling dreary and the movie was dreay.  A young guy writes poetry, following in the footsteps of the wayward father he hasn’t seen in 18 years and suddenly he resurfaces in his son’s life.

It’s a movie that will probably disappear soon and there was moment when both of us had to fight the urge to give up and leave, but it was worth the fight to stay with it, because as we were fighting our urge to leave the characters were fighting for their lives and things started turning around for all of us :).

The love of a mother(Julianne Moore), the power of writing, a look into the world of the homeless and a son coming to terms with his life.

With the help of a Diet Dr. Pepper and the anticipation of a new Apple toy, I stayed awake and came back to life on the trip home to engage with Tuvia in a stimulating  movie chat :).

Thumbs way up….and today on St. Patrick’ s Day, I get to celebrate my dad’s 91st birthday!

Have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “Being Flynn:SOLSC #17

  1. wkb57

    Sounds like a lot of books I read…I have to hang in there to get to the really good part:)

    An amazing Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  2. So glad the movie got better for you and you stayed with it. Movies are too expensive to leave early these days. I like how you came to life with the conversation after the movie and the anticipation of your new toy. Did it arrive? Are you in love?

  3. I had to laugh when I read about Tuvia’s cold feet…this was the question Scott asked me as we were driving to see “The Grey”! I’m looking forward the reading about the new toy…my brother said the line in the Apple store near him (San Francisco) was unbelievable….such enthusiasm in the techie world. Feel better, too.

  4. I hope you will write about the toy and your dad’s 91st birthday! Cheers!

  5. De Niro is making some really dark movies these days. I’m glad for your approval. We’ll look for it somewhere, or Netflix. Sounds like everything turned out okay, & looking forward to working with the new IPad & celebrating your dad’s birthday is a nice ending to the day.

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