Great Night & Back to Earth: SOLC #16

IA great night at the  HF Board of Ed meeting.  Probably the first time they watched a documentary piece about their teachers and administrators and students and at the end as lights went up after 18 minutes and applause began slowly… I was comfortable, actually exhausted and comfortable from start to finish and hungry for my red velvet Crumbs cupcake soon to be arriving with Tuvia back at my place and thirsty for a return to normalcy.

It felt like that last week of play production… by opening night I was always ready to sleep even before the curtain went up but the production energy pushes you and then you crash as the last kid finds his shoes and you can officially close the auditorium and  head for the cast celebration but you are just too exhausted to enjoy it.

I thought about all those openings as I drove home from HF, just 30 minutes on an empty Palisades Parkway without much moonlight.

Today, after a visit to a student teacher, a nap, a movie (Being Flynn) and this arrived:

A cupcake and a new iPad, good rewards!

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3 thoughts on “Great Night & Back to Earth: SOLC #16

  1. Jealous! But mostly happy for you!

  2. I will say woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo, three times for the presentation, the IPad & the cupcake. All terrific to hear about.

  3. Wow. What a fabulous day! Just. Wow. 🙂 I love how your post builds and builds and builds till the fabulous ending. Enjoy your iPad!!!!

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