What I Need for Spring: SOLSC #20

It’s been a very unusual winter in New York and many other places, but I would have been very disappointed if my sign of spring bloomed too soon.  It’s a bit early but the timing is spring’s arrival.

Here it is:

And I rode up to SUNY New Paltz for the official start of our Summer Institute planning for  #12 and joined the leadership team  to interview teachers who will join us. Well most of them will join us.  But it was wonderful to sit around the table and hear about what they are doing with their students even in these tough times.  They spoke with passion and commitment and vulnerability.

I won’t be on the SI leadership team this summer but I will be hovering around when I can.

It’s an honor to be with this organization, an honor I appreciate every day of my life.



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10 thoughts on “What I Need for Spring: SOLSC #20

  1. I look forward to hearing all about this project, Bonnie – this project sounds cool, and I need to think of something like this in New Jersey…any ideas???

  2. I know there’s one at Rutgers but there could be even closer sites. I will check into it.

  3. Stacey

    Love learning about your projects.

    And yes, the early spring is odd. 79 degrees by Friday!

  4. grade4wizard

    Greeting spring with a smile. Thank you for this smiling slice.

  5. Forsythias are a sign of spring. Sounds like a great group to be a part of, even if you hover on the edges.

  6. We have to find strength in each other. The politicians would take it all if they could. We are getting ready for a loooooong winter in Chicago and I’m not talking about the weather.

  7. macrush53

    What Kaite said, “We need to find strength in each other.” Absolutely. I love your photo of spring and the workshop sounds wonderful.

  8. Lisa

    Forsythia won’t grow this far north. I miss it immensely! The lilac will be out in May, but until then it’s just grass and bare branches around here.

  9. The picture is beautiful. Our bushes are blooming too and I’m worried that a hard cold will come. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine though.

  10. Forsythia was always my harbinger of spring, too! We had big bushes growing in our yard and all through our neighborhood and, after a long, snowy, frozen winter, seeing them light up the street always made me smile!

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