Sitting with a Teacher: SOLSC #22

No doubt, I am distracted.  It was hard to move through my yesterday routine: on the treadmill at the gym, back home, anchoring my fingers on my guitar’s fretboard,  conversations on the phone, the ride back up the New Paltz. Eileen came along.

And as I walked down the hallway to Rebecca’s kindergarten classroom and entered… the nurturing began.

Rebecca and I have been friends for years, connected through the Hudson Valley Writing Project and even though our paths don’t cross often, when they do, it’s wonderful.

And yesterday, entering her room with my ache, Rebecca welcomed me, took me on a tour, and worked with me to finish up an interview for my next digital project of her work.  Of course we aren’t quite done.  We both agreed that we need student voices for the piece and that will happen, but just being in her world of comfort  was nurturing.

Rebecca shared her own recent loss and I listened and heard.

Thanks Rebecca for a wonderful afternoon, complete with a dinner I could enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Sitting with a Teacher: SOLSC #22

  1. This description was powerful: “Her world of comfort.”

    I can just tell what a special teacher she is.


  2. Sometimes you just get to meet up with the right people at the right time. Sounds like Rebecca was exactly who you needed to be with yesterday.

    May you continue to be blessed with those who have kind words, comfort, and wisdom to share.


  3. When one is in a kindergarten world, you witness the joy of learning. I’m glad you have that world to enter once and a while.

  4. With the photo of your friend, Rebecca and her world of such beauty (children & art) you did find such a nurturing surrounding as you wrote. Sometimes looking outward is a healing thing & you did that in this little tribute to your friend. Thinking of you Bonnie, & thank you for your support too.

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