Conversations with Eileen Day 4: SOLSC #29

Morning Friend,

It wasn’t looking good just 15 minutes ago for a clear sunrise, but naysayers, take another look:

Ah, now that’s a much better way to begin Day 4.

I don’t know that I ever called you at 7:15.  Way too early for an in-depth conversation about anything.  No, I was  usually up writing into the day and listening to Morning Joe instead of  morning music.  Right now Senator Tom Coburn is expressing his opposition to Health Care Reform and it’s probably better that you didn’t hear anything about the hearings at the Supreme Court for the last three days.  You’d be shaking your head.

I’d pick up the phone after 8…8:30 to be comfortable and let the conversations begin.

One conversation that was very hard for you was the one that I might begin that focused on tech: some new gadget I was dreaming about, some issue I might be having on a project… You could listen for just so long and then I would know just by a short silence that you were ready to move on.

Well here’s the latest, ready?

I have the new iPad and my buddy Christine is the proud owner of my hand-me down original.  Now I didn’t know this when the plans were made between us, but lots of family members and some friends would have loved to take the iPad 1 off my hands, not without cost of course.  But somehow, I love it when I can pass tech on to Christine.  She loves tech as much as I do but she is young and just beginning her teaching career and life in general,  with her husband and it warms my heart to share with her.

So last night she took me out as part of her iPad cost to dine at my favorite restaurant : Restaurant X.   She loved it  and because it was restaurant week, got off a bit cheaper, which is all good.

Now can we talk tech without eyes glazing over?  So I know you would not be able to tolerate much of this upcoming conversation but I need to share just a bit about what I like about  the new iPad .

If you remember (probably not).  I did not adjust well to my first iPhone.  I lined up on the first day and with widespread Apple glitches, sat on that line for hours and hours…and ultimately, after the first two years, I turned off the phone and opted for a small old style that was ONLY a phone. it was okay and in the process, I started  salivating for the coming iPAD…salivating!

And I had to wait for the best Apple could offer: iPad 3G, 64GS.  (Glazing over yet?)   I ran to my Apple store when the call came that it had arrived for me and in minutes I was a happy new iPad owner.  I loved it and took it everywhere for the email and internet I could have wherever there was a phone connection.

I loved it through the coming of the iPad 2, but by then I did reconsider my old iPhone.  I missed experimenting with texting so I took it out of moth balls and then I had duplicating service. So when the iPad 3 was unveiled and it was clear it would offer more than the 1 had, I opted for the version that was just Wi-Fi 64GS.

And I am not looking back.  Christine loves my ipAd 1.  Her husband can use my  old white Macbook to his heart’s content as she checks Facebook, emails etc. on my retired iPad.

Its all good.

Just a bit more… hang on…

iPad 3 offers better cameras and opportunities to make content and the screen is gorgeous and even without 4g it’s really fast.

I like… I like… I just wish that I had bought some Apple stock when I wanted to 4 years ago just because I was happy to be the Apple community.  But I listened to my brothers, both more experienced at the market.  Even they agree THEY WERE WRONG!

Oh well.

ANd I just shared this with someone who lived for years with a iMac keyboard without a T. 🙂

Enough tech for one conversation, right?

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4 thoughts on “Conversations with Eileen Day 4: SOLSC #29

  1. Glad you are loving the iPad 3. I’ll stay with the 2 and see what comes in the future. It does feel good to pass on equipment to someone who couldn’t afford it on their own. Nice conversation Bonnie.

  2. You are clearly in the grip, or maybe bite of the Apple, Bonnie! It is hard to resist though.

  3. Oh Bonnie, I’ve been an Apple user since the 2E, so didn’t I buy stock? I have the IPad 2 & have used it so little because I’m so busy. I just got the new IPhone & love it. I’m glad you like the new IPad, & I like the way you talked to Eileen this time, maybe a little bit like you are used to. It was easy and relaxed & I actually felt like I was eavesdropping. Thank you for sharing the conversation, Bonnie.

  4. Sorry I missed a word in that first question, why? And I forgot to tell you how beautiful the photo is. Is that what you see each morning? Lucky!

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