Conversations with Eileen Day 6: April Fools’ Day!

Morning  Eileen,

It’s April 1st and our March Marathon ended yesterday. I’ve probably shared this writing experience with you in the past. It would be something that you would find interesting but not something you would plunge into. Way too techie 🙂

Five years ago when two young elementary teachers, Stacey and Ruth,  came up with the idea of sharing a blog site even though they lived 800 miles away from each other great things started happening. Collaboration brought two voices to this endeavor and together they created the March Marathon of a Daily Slice of Life. They invited educators who read their blog and  and my  NWP tech friend Kevin knew about the challenge and shared it with me.  We were already blogging regularly but the idea of sharing a Slice of Life every day for the month of March with a group of other bloggers/educators was appealing…. and so we began with a small group of SLICERS.

Each day  we would write an entry on our blog and then share the link on the TWO WRITING TEACHERS blog.  By the end of each day we all had Slices to read and comment on and in return, we were read and everyone had comments. What a great way to get through that long month of March and to keep the community going, Stacey and Ruth offered weekly Memoir Mondays and Slice of Life Tuesdays.  Memoir Mondays soon fell by the waste side but as we finish this great month we have SOLT!

Pretty cool right?   Not too techie :).

So  I’ve been documenting and sharing my process that has me writing to you with the Slicing community and at the end of each entry since you started leaving, I’ve been sharing the experience with anyone who clicks to my blog.  A group of Slicers have been leaving comments for each entry that follows each post so the conversation moves beyond us.

Now that the March Marathon is over the hits to my blog will probably decrease but then I write publicly for myself and….for you and for the world :).I’ve been sharing each entry now with Andy as well.  So he could be reading this :).

I do want time with you each morning, so writing into the day is therapeutically important to me.  It’s not that I stop thinking about you when I finish this entry but this is pure attention to you.

Years ago I read a book recommended by my cousin Janet, Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg.  At the time I was probably in my early 30’s and cancer and death were far away from me.  But even knowing that the book was about a woman who suffers from breast cancer and her close group of women friends who see her through it to her ultimate defeat was a story that held me in its grasp and lingered. I wondered if I should reread it now.  I still have the paperback copy but the techie in me downloaded it onto my iPad. So I taking another look,hoping to learn something, feel the universal.

I have been very lucky to have friends who have been sending me comfort.  Tom Meyer from the HVWP has created a Memorial Scholarship in your name for students who want to attend our Young Writers’ Camps but can’t afford it.  He’s donated $100.00 to start the fund and I will join him.  He will be speaking to Andy first to make sure it’s okay with him.  What a tribute to you and respect paid to my work with him :).

I think at a time like this I am more sensitive and open to others who have had to deal with loss: Jackie, Rebecca, Joy, Sharon, Hilda, have been mourning and while I was sympathetic maybe I wasn’t empathic until now, when I need them more.

One good thing that’s happened.  After the last few weeks of feeling physically weak since we returned from Aruba, just yesterday evening, as left a very slow movie Tuvia who was worried about me took another look at my face as we sat waiting in our Cinema 100 restaurant  for a huge bowl of chicken soup and he saw color.  He grabbed for my fingertips and found blood surging.  So plans for a blood test are on hold now.  Looks like I’m not anemic!  After hours of sleeping on Friday night to sweat out chills, I’m  finally feeling more like me.

Your funeral was just one week ago. Probably one of the hardest days of my life and even though there were so many people around sharing their loss, I was silenced.

Good thing I have this blog thing don’t you think?

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10 thoughts on “Conversations with Eileen Day 6: April Fools’ Day!

  1. What an honor to you and Eileen to create a scholarship for the Young Writer’s Camp. I am glad to read that you are feeling better, guard your health Bonnie. Good for Tuvia to be watching you carefully.

  2. Thanks so much Elsie for an April 1st comment 🙂

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    As I sit in O’Hare waiting for my flight home, I’m reading your blog post and thinking of you. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I enjoy reading your daily letters to Eileen, yet feel like a lurker as I do so. I think this is a really nice way to pass yourself through this sad time. I’m sending you lots of healing energy.

    • Hey friend,
      How was NWP in DC? Thnaks for reading but I don’t want you to feel like a lurker 🙂 Send out some posts and pics!

  4. I’m glad you have this ‘blog thing’ too, Bonnie, and am happy you are feeling better. I’ll continue to read your letters and add what positive words I can, a cyber hug to you! Thinking of you & enjoying this part of your friendship with Eileen.

  5. It’s a beautiful thing … your conversations. I can almost “hear” the other voice responding in the distance …

  6. Checking in,Bonnie, from across the ocean. Thank you for sharing the photo…thank you for letting us in to this conversation….also glad that Tuvia’s feels more reassured about your physical health. Take care of yourself…..

    • I read your comment last night and wow was I blown away. Thanks for keeping tabs on me from the other side of the ocean. Feels good to have friends.

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