Conversations with Eileen Day 6: Strumming to Health

Morning Friend,

Would you believe it, I haven’t picked up my guitar in two weeks; not since my last lesson, right after we got back from Aruba and I left everything to work on my video piece for Highland Falls. I did nothing else but stare at my computer screen and move video clips on and off the Final Cut timeline.  Of course, I did stop to eat, to talk on the phone, and to get to my Apple store for support. But no guitar…and then there was your bombshell and its rapid fire fallout and for the following week I was totally  out of commission.  I played my guitar pieces  on my iPod as I drove from place to pace and dreamed about returning to my practice but my arms never reached over to grab up my guitar. I felt too weak.

But this morning, just before Jon arrived I took it out  of  its cradle and as long as it was tuned in D, I started playing Impromptu, a demanding piece that has frustrated me for many months until I could  finally make the parts sound more like a wholes, something that sounded, like music.  I struggled with my stiff fingers on the strings until I heard Jon’s footsteps on the staircase and his ring and when we began he was totally open to working on something fresh, the second half of Schindler’s List from the end backward.  Interesting way to tackle a piece but it does work.

It was a wonderful lesson, as usual.  But even though there was time for me to share something else, I couldn’t.  I gave what I had and Jon was understanding.

Now it’s up to me to keep the work going.  No more excuses, right?

I think I’ve turned a corner after a Friday night of sweating away the chills under heavy covers, sleeping from 7PM t0 7AM… and then a weekend of movies to counter horribly dismal weather.

Tuvia and I share this passion for movies and we enjoyed a movie marathon:

The Hunger Games– surprise, we both loved it.  I’m sure the book is better, but enough time has passed  since I devoured the trilogy that how it has been transformed for a movie audience was fine with me.

The Deep BLue Sea: We both love Rachel Weisz but this movie, actually adapted from a play, needed to be more movie than play.  It was slow, boring and way too general. We didn’t  get into any of the characters’ skins and even though Rachel is always interesting to watch, she wasn’t enough. But we kept the marathon going…

A Sunday inside,we had  DVD’s to examine another in the RW cannon, The Whistleblower, a movie about sex-trafficking, and while it was hard to watch it was a cinematically satisfying to stay with a great cast and an politically important story about international corruption in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq given that we have Drifted as Rachel Maddow explains in her new book about the way we go to war these days.  Private contractors are impacting our sense of morality and this movie brings that home.

Crazy?  Yes, but it was well done….and we weren’t done.  One more flick sat ready for the player: a return to the American version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and yes, I did see it in the movies and yes, sadly, as I watched it this time, I realized just how much I missed that first time.  What a movie nap! And as I watched it I wondered, WHY BOTHER?

The Swedish trilogy was wonderful. Set in Sweden,  spoken in Swedish, acted by Swedish actors, it did do justice to the story.  I know I have to watch the original again now that I saw this  poor remake.  Interesting that it didn’t do well at the box office even with the books still one the best seller list.

The actors in the original look and sound authentic and the story is told without a lot of noise.  Sometimes in the American version the soundtrack drowns out the dialog.  And the girl in both versions is amazingly small but in the original she’s freaky- beautiful, in the new one, she’s  just freaky.

I am a lover of this trilogy and the tragic story of its author and his life partner, so everything authentic is my mantra…

Are you still with me, even with all the this movie reviewing?


I’m wondering how Andy is this morning but I’m letting him be 🙂

Me, I’m feeling more myself…  I’m off!

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10 thoughts on “Conversations with Eileen Day 6: Strumming to Health

  1. I wondered where you were this morning, now I know you were having the guitar lesson. I have no musical talent at all, so I am amazed by anyone who does.
    You have reaffirmed my decision not to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I want to keep the image from the books in my mind.
    Glad to read you are feeling more yourself. Take care!

    • Morning Elsie,
      Thanks so much for keeping up with me. How’s your writing going now that Slices are just Tuesdays.

      • Mostly mental for the last few days. I miss the reading and commenting (and this surprised me) but I did need to step away and refocus my attention to matters piling up on my desk.

  2. I hear you 🙂 Back for SOLT tomorrow?

  3. Hi Bonnie, I am glad to hear your opinion of The Hunger Games-I really thought the books were good, & now want to see what they’ve done with the movie. We stayed away from the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I laughed when you said it was too noisy-but am not surprised. I liked the first one very much although it is so brutal. I’m glad you are feeling better & back to guitar-nice to have that focus that takes one away really. I rode horses for years & wish I could find that kind of time again. Maybe writing is something like that?

    • Writing I like, is so like that. Now that I’m back with my writing into the day, I’m so peaceful.

  4. Can’t wait to seeHunger Games. I spent the day at the British Museum visiting old friends…ancient artifacts and ruins, old manuscripts and paintings – time stands still in this place! I’m taking the week off from slicing, from blogging – but I’m reading the biography of Anne. Morrow Lindbergh and plotting abook of my own! Hope you are taking care of yourself…and that Tuvia is well….

    • Hey London girl! Nice to get a note from you. I remember my first time in London. I was on my own. What fun in that British Museum. I hear that’s a great book to read. Right now I’ve moved away from cancer with friends, to Blood, Bones and Butter. So far, so good.
      Tuvia is great. I’m feeling better and the sun is shining…
      Let me know when you are back on this side 🙂
      HI to Scott!

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