Passover: Conversations with Eileen Day 10

Hag Sameach Friend,

I was up at 6 and itching to write into the morning.  I was writing a preview in my head but today  there was just too much to do to straighten up, pack up grab a bit of breakfast and be out of the house by 8:00 to arrive at the gym for a weigh-in and truthfully,  I don’t seem to care what I eat these days.

I can see you smiling about my elaborate methods of weight control, weight loss and exercise. I’m new at factoring in the element of mourning into the equation.  So this week on the scale and with the body fat zapper, there was a bit of an increase even with more exercise and seemingly less appetite. Emotionally, I’m just not so tied to the numbers. But I do like Jodi my diet director.  And next week I will have two sessions with Anthony, my personal trainer, all in the effort to eat less and exercise more.  Seems so simple and it’s ironic given your issue over the past year with efforts to tackle nausea so that your personal chief Andy, could feed you his best dishes and build you up.

And tonight is the first seder and Tuvia and I will be on our own with his home-made chicken soup- his one wonderful dish and lots of holiday fun foods from the Kosher supermarket, Harold’s, just down the road. I love the place. Everything is over-priced but with pint-sized wagons it’s easy to fill up quickly.  Home-made gefilte fish by the loaf, matzo balls for Tuvia’s soup, Israeli pickles, stuffed cabbage, brisket in gravy, health salad, sweet potato pudding, chocolate cake and we have much more than we could possibly eat but as I walked into the house, arms filled with bags and unpacked the matzo appeared and the sampling began.

Health salad,matzo, butter and jam and coffee and let Passover officially begin.

I’m happy to share that for this first Passover without you, Andy will be spending time with Jenny and Jimmy and we will miss our stopover on Fish Hatchery Road on the way to Seder #2 at the Kaplans on Helen St.

Funny how I never look forward to the big holidays until they arrive.  Never pressured with cooking, my responsibilities are light, but the gatherings are too big to take in until I’m there actually there, in my brother’s living room surrounded by Marla’s family and mine and watching them blend together and enjoy it.  It’s always too much for Tuvia but then it doesn’t happen often enough to really bring on large-scale protests.

So it’s cool and sunny today and I’m remembering the  holiday preparations at your house.


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4 thoughts on “Passover: Conversations with Eileen Day 10

  1. Hey Bonnie, happy Passover to you. Does one say that? I don’t have any experience with Passover, so I don’t know proper etiquette (sorry). Not sure that fish sounds too good, but I’m sure the soup would be great. Peace to you this evening. (I do see you smiling) 🙂

  2. Hi Elsie,
    Happy Passover, of course and Happy Easter to you! Seder 1 was great!
    Thanks so much for your close reading and loving comments. They help:)

  3. Happy things to look forward to, Passover and the families together. But, you are keeping Eileen close by, and there is comfort in that, too. The people we love and have been loved by are always with us; I think this as I prepare to leave my parents’ home for New Jersey….even as I pack and walk around saying goodbye and mourn what will be their absence once I board the plane, I know they are with me always…as Eileen is with you always.

    PS. Good for you that you have the discipline with the gym…my excuse is my fibromyalgia…why add to the 24/7 pain?! But that is just laziness on my part.

  4. I am so glad that blending is coming through Tara. I can imagine for you, how hard it is to leave, with so much distance between you and your family. I am so grateful that you have taken time to spend writing with me given your visiting schedule.

    I’m hoping it warms up here before you get back. We did get to walk the streets of Ridgewood yesterday, casually. A bit of exercise 🙂

    Safe home,


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