Book Break!: Conversations with Eileen Day 11

Coming to you from Paramus at Noon  after a bowl of Tuvia’s chicken soup 🙂

I did begin this conversation early this morning but it was getting way too bleak.  But with the sun shinning and reading time a the gym I want to share a book with you, okay?

As you know, I read almost everything on my iPad in e-reader form since Jeff Bezos created the first Kinder for me and then my Steven went even further with his iPad :).

But it’s still hard to find a book to love now that I have total control over what I read.  I’m not bound by what I had to teach or what I had to engage in for a course.  It’s just me, now. So I’m picky and when you love a book and finish it, then what?  It’s so hard to find the next one.  Amazon does make it easy to read a chapter sample but often that’s not enough to decide and I often buy something and then lose interest.

I loved the book Wonder that I read and finished in Aruba but then I was back on the hunt for the next stunner…

Often when I am with my book club  buds: Bonnie and Julia, we share our most recent gems. Of course  I always try on their recommendations  but it’s not always a perfect fit.  On the Friday that will remain nameless, Bonnie sat across from me with

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef   by Gabrielle Hamilton


and told me just enough to move me to download that first chapter sample onto my iPad.  It’s a story about a woman who can’t stay away from her passion for food.   I read a few pages and left it for a book about cancer I remembered connecting with years ago but just the first page or two left me devastated, so I left it behind and clicked back to Gabrielle and her life.

I’ve read some food books and liked them but this one, I’ve embraced.  Like a masterful movie, this memoir keeps surprising me.  And given her passion for writing, her words leave you hungry and satisfied. At the gym. as poured over this book and I  was brought to laughter and tears maybe at the very same time.

I don’t know that even my passionate appeal would have won you over,  but I’m thinking that Andy might like to try it.  What do you say Andy?

I know that even after my pitch to Tuvia, he will be satisfied to have my running account but of course it’s not first hand. Anyway,  it’s a perfect read for me.  Thanks to my book buddy, Bonnie for it this one.

and here’s a excerpt :

Seder #2 coming in just a few hours 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Book Break!: Conversations with Eileen Day 11

  1. Andy Weil

    sure bon Im up for a good read.Thanks And

  2. I will have to check this book out. Soon I will have some time to read, but not yet.

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