Normal?: Conversations with Eileen Day 13

Another Monday,  Friend,

Passover Seders came and went and it was so great to hear that Andy ended his with a good conversation with you, at your new spot.  I wish I had been with him but that will happen :).

I’m trying to act normal, really.  Tuvia needs to see me smiling and making faces and surprising him when he least expects it. Last night we even laughed together when I put on my worn out  copy of  Something’s Gotta Give.  And I do feel it but I can’t sustain the joy the way I could before you passed just a few weeks ago.

Guitar practice seems to be a good barometer for me.  In the week just before and the next weeks that followed, I couldn’t even look at my guitar, let alone walk over and pick it up, but last Monday, after a good lesson, I had high hopes that I’d be back to my “normal” routine, but no luck.  Yes, I did play almost every day but my attention and energy gave out way too soon. But my guitar teacher is so wonderful that he never forgets why there’s a rain cloud taking up residence just over my head.  He is so able to work with where and I am and what I have to offer.  He is not the teacher who loses his temper or breaks pencils on my stand.  I’ve had those music teachers.

Jon, as you know,  has been teaching me guitar for 11 years and I’ve never had a day of regret, especially now when I’m building up my technical skills  that’s essential  to make the music in my head fill up my fingers.

Remember my  recital at my retirement party? Boy did I have hutzpah :).

My good friend Sharon is back home now and we will be walking together on Thursday.  Feel free to listen in if you’re around the Hook Mountain in Nyack. If you were an extension of my right hand, Sharon has the left and she will understand where I am.  She is mourning a very good friend now and has a few been mourning now for a few months.  She wrote a poem and drew a picture that will be published in a tribute book to her friend.  So cool!

Anyway, I’m going to sign off now. The Rev. Al is coming on and ready to share his updates on Mike Wallace who just died and on the Trayvon Martin case.

Yes, I am trying hard to embrace each day.

Looks like Obama vs. Romney for sure.  Would I be happier with a Hillary-Romney fight?  Just a bit of fantasy…

More sharing to come friend,


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4 thoughts on “Normal?: Conversations with Eileen Day 13

  1. Hey Bonnie, sounds as if it’s not such a great day, but okay. I hope your friend that’s coming to walk will be a good sound board for you this time. Sometimes it’s good to talk with someone new-new perspective, and so on.

    • She will be perfect Linda but this she needs to deal with her jet lag and washing from one trip right after the next. Not a bad way to live 🙂

  2. Hope that walk around Hook Mountain was a good one…and that you wore something warm! Romney vs. Obama…bring it on. But, truth to tell, I a very weary of politics at the moment.The Fall campaign will me a slime fest…I’ll give $, I’ll vote, but my heart is not in it…too much noise, too much hate, and still people suffer. I AM getting old and cranky! How’s about getting together soon?!

    • How’s the jet lag? I love politics but it’s getting too much like theater. Too much money involved and we are losing in education. I don’t get it.

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