What Comes Next?: Conversations with Eileen Day 14 & SOLT

Morning 🙂

Looks good out there. Spring sun is shining bright and it’s brisk as it should be in early April and I could be in a classroom stiff and feeling the pressure of that race to finals and end of another school year, but no, that’s not me anymore.  Instead I was planning to be up and preparing for a day a Dover Middle School with the teacher team, the student tech team and some visits to teachers on the verge of digital pieces. But no, that plan was altered last night.

School calendar changed.  Spring vacations were extended and on the first day back to school there was no way that teachers and kids could focus on the IC project and next week will be those dirty little HIGH STAKES TESTS. Remember them?

So no me necessary  and I am challenged to make this day significant.

I’m here thinking about you and multi-tasking: working on a blurb to advertise our summer teacher lab, scrolling through photos to begin a trailer to advertise the Young Writer’s Camp and some guitar?

Another cup of coffee if you don’t mind.

And the day continued and my next video project is moving quickly from the back of my head to the place where I can’t let it go.  Here’s a few photos from last summer that I’m using to advertise our Young Writer’s Camp 2021

Ahhh… I new project, just what I need!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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9 thoughts on “What Comes Next?: Conversations with Eileen Day 14 & SOLT

  1. What a fun time for the kids to be involved in the writing camp. How does spring break get extended? I’ve never heard of that happening.

  2. HI Elsie,
    Here in the north Spring Break gets extended if snow days that have been set aside if it’s too dangerous to travel on snowy roads. This is was very unusually warm winter so many schools did not have to use their saved snow days and when that happens the spring vacations are extended.
    So that has happened at many schools in my service area.

  3. Young Writer’s Camp…how cool is that?! Loved the pictures, Bonnie…and I had to smile an extra big one to see my kiddos there, too. We’re getting ready for those dirty little tests in two weeks…I’m making a genre study of it, and we’re actually having fun thinking of the test as a game with rules and strategies. I am one sick puppy, I think!

    • The other layer to this project is a teacher lab that will mirror the work that will be done with the kids.
      What do you think?

      • OOh, I like that … I don’t think we think enough (mainly due to time) about THAT aspect of it – i.e. all the prep and thinking that goes into projects like this. It’s all about the cicle of learning, right – we have to learn so we can teach so they can learn and then teach us???

  4. Wow Tara, I didn’t even realize that was your photo. It came from the project I have yet to take on. So cool it’s yours.

  5. I love the idea of a writers’ camp and a suspect I am “sor-of” local to you. Can you send a ink about the camp? I work in Westchester County and live in Dutchess – right across the river!

  6. Camp sounds wonderful, and I love your slideshow!

  7. Looks great Bonnie-I’m too far away, sadly. I hope you’ll tell more about it!

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