Truth Be Told: Conversations with Eileen Day 15

Ahhh… good morning friend,

It’s dark out there but the screen is bright with Rachel Maddow talking politics.  I know she wasn’t one of your favorites but she’s having a great run lately on calling the RIGHT onto the carpet and doing it in such a clear and researched way.  Too bad more people aren’t watching her.  She’s speaking to the choir more than not right?

My buddy Tara probably watched her last night or maybe on one of these replays if she’s up and still dealing with jet lag or just her normal sleep schedule.

For the past few days I’ve been starting these posts early and then going dry and coming back when life offered me more source material but somehow I felt as I moved through the day, that there was something I left undone so I’m going to try and keep my focus and keep moving my fingers on the keyboard. That sounds familiar :).

So yesterday I got to finish the book I’ve been reading: Blood, Bones and Butter, and  yes, I did like, not love it.  It was probably the perfect book for me as I lived through the last few weeks.  Her family issues and her passion for creating food all worked together to shape who she becomes. I was swept away for more than half the book, but somewhere in the middle it fell a bit as she inserted too much “attitude.”  I liked it better when she was just telling her story.  Funny too, the book just seemed to end and I didn’t want it to.  I willed another chapter and sure enough, after her thank you page and her personal info page came a section for book  club discussions and I kept clicking and sure enough there it was a last chapter, misplaced an buried in the ebook world.  How would I have known to find it there?

That last chapter did satisfy me, and while now, I wonder if Andy would like it, I think that our book club will enjoy a field trip to her restaurant, Prune.  Since there’s still only three of us, it’s relatively easy to pick a day and travel to NYC together and the other Bonnie is already on board 🙂 Pics to follow…

So now I’m in search of a new book to take its place.  I need reading right now.  I need to be in someone else’s world.  I have lots of samples downloaded on my iPad and I’ve started the process.

And today I’ll be back in the Apple store sitting on a stool and playing with some new Apple software to help me create a trailer to announce our HVWP Young Writers’ Camp. I actually started yesterday on my own, just selecting photos and some video and wondering why the photos weren’t clear.  Was it because I wasn’t working with the originals?

Okay, I know that’s a question you would not be able to answer or even care about.  Just a little bit of tech.

So I’m back into a more serious routine at the gym to start the day then opportunity to undo my workout when I meet for coffee with my book buddy Bonnie at Strawberry Place. By 11:30 I’ll  back home where the water could be still turned off but the window is short. An hour at  Apple to play and then and then…

it’s time to meet up with Tuvia and race to the Newark Airport to welcome home: Ami,Adi, Mihael and Mia arriving from Tel Aviv.

New pics coming…

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3 thoughts on “Truth Be Told: Conversations with Eileen Day 15

  1. A joyful welcome will be had I’m sure! I’m reading Athony Shadid’s memoir “House of Stone” – his accoijnt of rebuilding his ancestral home in Lebanon, which is very evocative of the Middle East. You are right, I watched Rachel last night – she is becoming an important figure, and I notice that her introductory “big piece” has become much more focused and serious – the connection she drew last night betwen GW (he’s out of his hole and making appearances again!) and Romney was great. Have fun today…I’m setting off for school!

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  3. Pingback: Apple iPad (first generation) MB293LL/A Tablet (32GB, Wifi) | welcomecheap

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