Circle of Friends: Conversations with Eileen Day 16

Greetings Friend,

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I still prefer our early morning conversations, even before the dawn breaks ,but I needed one last conversation before I started this one with you.  Finally, my friend  Sharon is back home, adjusting to this cold spring and ready for a walk, lunch and talk  of course.

Lucky for me, this conversation with Sharon is the third conversation over coffee and food with women who know loss and what it is to mourn friends.

Somehow I feel clearer, more empowered now.

And  as I walked back into my apartment with camera in hand, I captured an early layer of spring returning to us before it was covered from view as spring thickens.





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6 thoughts on “Circle of Friends: Conversations with Eileen Day 16

  1. Wonderful pictures! I love the phrase “spring thickens.” That is exactly what happens! Talking with someone who understands your grief helps. I’m glad you have friends near.

  2. Beautiful photos, Bonnie. They are a tribute to your friendship.

    • thanks Lynn. I love the fact that WordPress keeps adding new tools to its arsenal. SLide show is easy and cool and I have more energy back now to use my camera more 🙂

  3. juliahewitt

    I just started reading your conversations with Eileen. Always they make me weep, and that’s good, because I am mourning, too. Peace to you, moving with the words and the images.

  4. I am so glad that you are reading and find something universal in this horrible experience.
    Peace to you, my friend,

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